Hogwarts Legacy – Poppy Sweeting Relationship Questline Walkthrough – Beast Friends Trophy

Hogwarts Legacy – Poppy Sweeting Relationship Questline Walkthrough – Best Friends Trophy: To earn the Beast Buddies accomplishment in Hogwarts Legacy, finish Poppy’s questline. Continue reading to find out which side quests are need to acquire the achievement, how to finish each connection quest, and more.

You must finish all seven of Poppy’s quests in order to obtain Beast Buddies. After completing the main objective for Fire and Vice, the first relationship quest, A Dragon Debrief, becomes available.

Hogwarts Legacy - Poppy Sweeting Relationship Questline Walkthrough
Hogwarts Legacy – Poppy Sweeting Relationship Questline Walkthrough

A complete Hogwarts Legacy Walkthrough with the complete quest list can be found here. There are 12 assignments, 24 relationship quests, 57 side quests, and 42 main story quests in Hogwarts Legacy. That makes a total of 135 quests. Depending on the difficulty setting and the amount of side content completed, the story should take 15 to 25 hours.

Hogwarts Legacy – Poppy Sweeting Relationship Questline Walkthrough – Beast Friends:

The locations of bonus chests and other crucial things during major missions are also noted in this 100% Walkthrough. A few optional side missions and assignments are also necessary to advance the plot and are included here in chronological order. The bottom of the page has a list of every side mission and assignment. The chapters in the quest log are used to categorise the main quests. The quest log displays a yellow colour for main quests, a grey icon for side quests, a white icon for assignments, and a white speaking bubble icon for relationships.

Hogwarts Legacy has nothing that can be missed in terms of completeness. Following the main narrative, you can still move freely to complete Side Quests and visit any locations with treasures or items related to trophies. Many portions that are sealed after the story include nothing that counts towards 100% completion.

Hogwarts Legacy – Poppy Sweeting:

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are a number of side stories called Relationship Lines that are connected to particular companion characters that you can get to know throughout the main plot. It is possible to gain experience (XP), spells, and other beneficial qualities by moving down a relationship line.
As there doesn’t appear to be a romance option in any of the gameplay trailers or other official material, clearing a companion’s relationship line is unlikely to let you romance characters. As they are confirmed for the game, additional details will be provided.

This is a list of all the Companion Relationship Lines-related trophies and achievements below, along with instructions on how to obtain each one throughout the game’s main plot. Amit Thakkar, the game’s Ravenclaw Companion, is not mentioned in this guide because there is no prize associated to him.

To gain The Avenging Gazelle, A Sallow Grave, and Beast Buddies accomplishments in a single game, all Relationship Lines unique to Natsai, Sebastian, and Poppy must be cleared. All Companion characters can befriended, and you can complete their quests without being shut out of the others, as well.

Hogwarts Legacy – Poppy Sweeting:

A female student from Gryffindor House is named Natsai Onai. She studied to become an Animagus in the African wizarding school Uagadou in Uganda before transferring to Hogwarts. After Natsai’s mother is appointed a professor of divination, Natsai then enrols in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Scotland.

Theophilus Harlow, Rookwood’s right-hand man, is harassing a magician in Lower Hogsfield, according to information Natty has acquired. I should go there to meet her and look into it.

Professor Onai, Natty’s mother, might have learned about our activities, according to Natty. If I am present while they speak, she believes her mother will be more forgiving. Natty sent me another owl in which she claimed that she could elude her mother and leave on her own. She and I are gonna meet in front of Hogsmeade. Because I assisted Natty and Mr. Rabe in escaping the Ashwinders’ lair. I need to inquire after how they are faring. Natty requested that I speak with her through an owl, which I received.

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