Top 10 Android 14 Features supported Device

Top 10 Android 14 Features supported Device: The most thrilling part of a large Android upgrade is the possibility to follow a pattern in order to try all the new features. The largest aesthetic update to the operating system since Android 5 Lollipop was represented by Google’s Android 12 update.  Android 12 has always and in all the case is a completely different look and feel compared to previous iterations due to a brand-new design philosophy and a wide range of new capabilities. Following that, Android 13 debuted and built upon many of the same design choices. With Android 14 coming soon, there will probably be even more internal modifications.

Top 10 Android 14 Features Supported Device:
Top 10 Android 14 Features Supported Device:

With each new iteration, the Android system’s many components get a little bit better and gain new functionality. The initial developer previews are anticipated to appear for select non-Pixel phones as well as all supported Pixel devices in the upcoming months. Android versions 11 and 12 are branded as Red Velvet and Snow Cone, respectively. Android 13 also goes by the moniker Tiramisu. Now since Android 14 was found inside one of the AOSP Gerrit modifications back in July of last year, Google is no longer keeping it a secret.

Top 10 Android 14 supported Devices:

With the brand overhaul of Android 10 two years ago, Google abandoned its dessert naming scheme for Android. Yet, the internal development teams of the corporation have continued to utilize dessert names.

Android 14 has no official release date as of yet. In February 2022, Android 13’s developer preview version was release. Thereafter, there were four additional beta versions before the final version of Android 13 was available. It appears likely that we’ll stick to the same release schedule as last year now that the first Android 14 developer preview has arrived.

  • Pixel 7 & 7 Pro
  • Pixel 6a
  • Pixel 6 & 6 Pro
  • Pixel 5a 5G
  • Pixel 5
  • Pixel 4a (5G)

Android 14 Features Supported Device:

If Google follows the same release schedule as last year. Developers should anticipate Android 14 to reach “platform stability” around the third beta. The finalization of APIs is refer to as platform stability. And it occurred last year at the same time as developers were able to submit apps for the new API level on the Google Play Store.

You can be sure that you will be among the first to see Android 14 when it launches if you own a recent Google Pixel smartphone. Such as the new Pixel 7 series. You will be able to test it out even though it will only be available in development preview form (and hence definitely shouldn’t load on your daily driver). We anticipate that other device makers will join in the fun as well. Though generally speaking, smartphones from companies like OnePlus and Xiaomi don’t receive as many updates. Be careful, in other words.

Top 10 Android 14 Features:

If there isn’t an official build of Android 14 for your smartphone but you really want to try it. You can use a Generic System Image (GSI).

Due to the fact that Android is a worldwide operating system. It must accept various interpretations of dates, timings. And other local units of measurement, such as Fahrenheit against Celsius and kilometres versus miles. Several apps (especially weather apps) may ask you what metric you’d like to use because it isn’t always suitable for an app to presume what the user would like to use. Google introduced per-app language settings in Android 13. And it now appears to be extending that concept to new use cases.

In Android 14. The firm is developing a new “country preferences” feature. That allows users to customize the number system, calendar, and first day of the week. And temperature units for each location. When a hidden developer flag is turned on, the setting “Regional preferences” is displayed under Settings > System > Languages & input.

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