Tower of Fantasy FRUIT BARRAGE tips and Tricks

Tower of Fantasy FRUIT BARRAGE tips and Tricks: Players very certainly encountered numerous side tasks while exploring the expansive realm of Tower of Fantasy. One of them is about a young child named Nico who waits for her parents to get home so she may prepare a special meal for her birthday.

Speaking of cooking, some of these side missions in Tower of Fantasy call for the preparation of a specific dish, such as an Iced Strawberry Soda in the Hyena’s Banges Base or a Fruit Cake.

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Tower of Fantasy FRUIT BARRAGE tips and Tricks

For this reason, adventurers should always try to gather a variety of ingredients because they never know what they’ll need next.To get the recipe for Nico’s Fruit Cake in the Tower of Fantasy, players must first complete the side task. They ought to go to Spacerift first, take refuge in Astra, and then proceed to the bridge in front of them.

They must then make a right turn and search for Nico, a black-haired girl sporting a white jacket and a black skirt. Her head will be marked with a blue exclamation point to indicate that she needs assistance.

As you progress through the game, you should learn the greatest Tower of Fantasy strategies and tactics to win.

Because when you know how to play and how to play in fights, even the most frightened foes cannot stand a chance against you, and you may have a fun on the battlefields. So look at it and get ready to accomplish this newest idea in a sophisticated way.

EZ Food and Honey:

Here, we advise choosing one of the simplest and greatest recipes for food, in which you can combine some oranges or other citrus fruits with a small amount of honey. Additionally, you must add water to the vendor machine. As you are ready to follow this Tower of Fantasy tips guide, you can finally receive a fantastic honeyed fruit juice that cures for a tonne of practically all the nice easy foods.

In the game levels, you can also use a trick to go ahead to the second section once you arrive there. However, you have to wait until the second day before you may visit this vendor and purchase a large quantity of carbonated water and salad dressing.

When playing the Tower of Fantasy game, honey is the best food to eat as you progress through the stages. The best simple diet that heals you for a lot of HP is made possible since you need a lot of honey.

Use Your Ciphers:

Using your cyphers is a relatively difficult chore in the Tower of Fantasy game’s levels. However, if you employ the greatest Tower of Fantasy strategies, you can obtain numerous cyphers, mostly in three different colours. as purple, blue, and gold. There is a weekly limit on how many of the gold cyphers you can obtain, as well as a weekly limit on how many of the remaining cyphers.

Use the blue and purple cyphers as best you can. If you come across any of those chests, open them up since you can receive supplies from them and accumulate a large number of those cyphers over time. You can only obtain them by performing daily dailies.

The Wall Movement:

Additionally, if you want to jump off a wall, you must first tap the “space bar,” then hit the “control” button to release the wall, double-tap the “space bar” to give yourself a double jump, and last tap the “w” button to advance in order to reattach to the wall. You can climb any structure without consuming any stamina by repeatedly double-tapping the “control” button, the “space bar,” and then the “w” button.

Your stamina bar will appear when a wall is attached to a game level, and every time you press the spacebar to jump, a significant portion of your stamina will be lost. You can climb any large structure for an endless period of time or almost so by adhering to this Tower of Fantasy best tips guide.

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