Return The Missing Bells To The Tower Hogwarts Legacy

Return The Missing Bells To The Tower Hogwarts Legacy: The Hogwarts Legacy bell puzzle is one of the numerous mysteries tucked away around the enormous School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but just like the clock tower or torch challenge on the viaduct, it needs a very precise solution to be solved. The Bell Tower Wing is where you’ll naturally discover the bell puzzle. It’s as simple as going to the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo Flame and turning left to up the steps.

If you keep climbing, you’ll eventually find yourself in a music lesson where a choir of frogs sings. On the top of the tower, as you continue to climb, you’ll see two rows of bells with bird decorations. This section will describe how to resolve the Hogwarts Legacy bell puzzle.

Return The Missing Bells To The Tower Hogwarts Legacy
Return The Missing Bells To The Tower Hogwarts Legacy

By now, you’ve probably deduced that you have locate and replace the two vacant slots in each row of bells in order to make everything functional once more. A word of caution: to solve this puzzle, you will need the Wingardium Leviosa spell(opens in new tab). After finishing all of Professor Sharp’s assignments, you receive it from Professor Garlick’s first assignment.

Return The Missing Bells To The Tower Hogwarts Legacy:

Revelio can help you discover the missing bells, but as a general rule, one should be found on the level above, beneath the stairs, and the other should be perched on the rafters. Pick up each bell and place it in its proper location with Wingardium Leviosa. The largest bell should be on the top left, and the smallest bell should be on the bottom right. It can be challenging to place them, but keep in mind that you can use V and F or your controller’s D-pad to move an object with Wingardium Leviosa by pushing it outward or pulling it inward.

The bell puzzle is a little odd in that you don’t seem to receive a reward for doing it. Other than your own sense of accomplishment after cleaning up the bell tower. If you fire the bells with spells after they are set up, you can play them. But there is no cue for what song to play, and players have tried a variety of melodies without success. The easiest explanation. In my opinion, is that you will receive something like this as a reward. A massive xylophone with bells on it that you can use to play music.

Even so. You can locate a legendary chest at the top of the tower if you feel that isn’t enough for you.

There are certain items for the Room of Requirement that you may get if you climb into the frog statue that will transport you to the tower over.
The Bell Tower Puzzle is located above the Choir Room in the Bell Tower Wing. On the western section of Hogwarts. The Bell Tower Courtyard is the nearest Floo Flame spot to the chamber. It may be found after beginning the Solved by the Bell side quest.

Return The Missing Bells To The Tower Hogwarts Legacy:

The Choir Room is the next chamber over once you reach the end of the narrow corridor to your right after ascending the first flight of stairs from the courtyard. You can reach the Bell Tower by going to the back of the chamber and ascending the wooden stairs.

Although though you’ll have to work hard to use Accio to solve it. Possessing the Wingardium Leviosa Charm will make it much easier because it allows you to precisely control the height. Distance, and rotation of the object you’re levitating.

You must advance through the main questline until you take Professor Garlick’s first herbology class before you can learn the spell. The task to put the poisonous tentacula and the mandrake plants to the test will thereafter be given to you by the woman.

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