How To Enter Rockwood Castle Main Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

How To Enter Rockwood Castle Main Quest In Hogwarts Legacy: Charles Rookwood’s Trial, the twenty-ninth main objective in Hogwarts Legacy, requires you to sneak into Rookwood Castle, deal with its hostile residents, and accomplish Charles Rookwood’s Trial. The complete Hogwarts Legacy Walkthrough may be found on this page.

This article serves as a detailed analysis of Charles Rookwood’s Trial quest in Hogwarts Legacy, including a thorough walkthrough and explanation of any optional goals.

Speak with Fig at the gateway to Rookwood Castle in the far southwest of the map. Regardless of how you choose to enter, a Loyalist Ranger will ambush you as you curve around the left side of the castle. You can enter either quietly or loudly.

Rockwood Castle Main Quest In Hogwarts Legacy
Rockwood Castle Main Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

Use Accio/Wingardium Leviosa on the crate and bring it close to the section of the castle walls that have collapsed after taking out the few opponents who spawn there. Cast Levioso after that, ascend it and go inside the actual castle.

How To Enter Rockwood Castle Main Quest In Hogwarts Legacy:

Afterwards, in a cutscene, you’ll watch Ranrok and Rookwood discussing their respective roles in their shaky alliance as you discover that Ranrok is aware of the Keepers and Rookwood is looking for places that sell Ancient Magic.

A huge group of Ashwinder adversaries (including an Executioner) and Goblin Loyalists will strike you as you recover control. Fight him all, then make your way up the steps on the opposite other side of the courtyard, around at the ramparts, and into the unlocked door.

You can descend the stairs to the bottom, where you must interact to access the Rookwood Cellar, by quickly hitting all three symbols with your Basic Cast. This will unlock the door, allowing you to advance.

A depleted supply of Ancient Magic can be found in the cellar if you turn left after entering via the gaping wall breach. You can locate a portrait of Charles Rookwood by entering the doorway on the right and proceeding into the subsequent room.

Rockwood Castle Main Quest In Hogwarts Legacy:

You can ask Charles to start the second Trial by speaking to the portrait. You can access the second trial by going through the door at the end of the corridor after regaining control by interacting with the Ancient Magic location immediately to the right to summon the magical archway.

Go up the stairs on your right as you enter the Trial to interact with the Ancient Magic location. Once you’re back at the bottom of the stairs, use Accio to remove a box from the room’s left corner, which is hidden beneath the doorway you’re attempting to use. In the space between the location of the Ancient Magic and the other side, put that in the centre.

How To Enter Rockwood Castle Main Quest In Hogwarts Legacy:

Then, move to the opposite side of the room’s archway portal so you can Accio another box through the portal to your side.

Wingardium Leviosa, the second box on top of the first, proceed past the boxes to a sturdy pillar that you may scale and then proceed up the pillar once more to reach the next area.

When you enter the following chamber, you can use a distant sign on the wall in the left-hand alcove to build a longer bridge that will allow you to reach a chest. If not, proceed and engage the Ancient Magic location just to the right of the archway. The archway will open, and a symbol or mechanism will appear on the right-hand wall.

You can use Basic Cast to activate this mechanism, which will rotate the archway 180 degrees, allowing you to pass through the portal and around Accio the pillar (which transforms into a box on the other side) as well as via the open walkway.

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