Global Tower Of God: Great Journey Beginner Guide

Global Tower Of God: Great Journey Beginner Guide: Based on the well-known anime/manhwa Intellectual Property of Tower of God, Ngelgames’ most recent 2D RPG. The game is legally licenced.

Appears to be the first Tower of God game of this scale to be released globally. The main character of the series Baam’s journey to climb the enigmatic Tower, which bestows wishes on climbers who reach the top floor, is chronicled in Tower of God: The Great Journey.

With support from the well-known Tower of God IP, which has been read and viewed more than 6 billion times, the game already has a strong following. On both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, Tower of God: The Great Journey will be a free-to-play game.

Beginner’s guide for the game Great Journey, which was influenced by the online cartoon Tower of God. The protagonist of the programme Twenty-Fifth Baam’s exploits are chronicled in this two-dimensional role-playing game.

Global Tower Of God: Great Journey Beginner Guide

The game offers its own distinct perspective on the story even if it largely borrows from the events of the anime adaptation of Tower of God. In order to play the game with the best expertise, you now desire to have a wonderful beginner’s guide Tower Of God Great Journey Beginner Guide.

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Knowledge of the Combat System:

Tower of God: The Great Journey’s combat system is rather simple and easy to pick up. Players anticipating a highly tactical and skill-based combat system will be dissatisfied at first glance with the standard 2D RPG’s stylised command-based system. Players are unable to direct the specific actions or skills of their characters.

Their characters’ combat-related ultimate talents are the only thing they have control over. Each character has access to these ultimate powers as they build up energy throughout the conflict.

The character cards that represent these skills are displayed in the bottom right corner of the combat screen. When these skills are ready to be employed, they will emerge and shine. To activate them, all a player needs to do is tap on them Tower Of God Great Journey Beginner Guide.

they’ll start acting immediately. Tower of God: The Great Journey is readily categorised as an idle/AFK game because it requires so little manual intervention and allows players to gather resources after some time has passed without truly grinding through the game.

Players must create a team of four unique characters for the teamplay in order to enter the battles. During campaign combat, where characters can move but cannot automatically attack without turning the game on auto, players have complete control over how their characters move. Each character possesses special qualities and skills that are all their own. Players can learn more by viewing our ranking of the top characters in Tower of God: The Great Journey.

Story Mode:

Here is where a Tower of God: Great Journey player from around the world can experience the game’s story. In this case, all you have to do is take it all in and enjoy the narrative. Simply enable auto-battle and select the task tab, and the game will take care of the rest.

Once you encounter a challenging area, move to the rice cooker and grind until you are powerful enough. You will receive summoning stones, upgrade materials, items, and other rewards for completing each stage in the campaign.

Challenge Mode:

There are various sub-challenge modes in challenge mode. To unlock them as a Tower of God: Great Journey rookie, you must go through the game. You will engage in boss battles in the tower of trials in order to gather the materials required to strengthen the connection between your characters. Additionally, you will receive gold, materials for improvements, and gears Tower Of God Great Journey Beginner Guide.

Each boss has a unique set of abilities, and each one gets harder as you progress. However, you must first complete a few stages in story mode.

Starter Weapons:

Every player needs to be aware of the new mechanics in Tower of God: Great Journey. Each character in this game has a specific beginning weapon. Here is one of the top Tower of God: Great Journey recommendations we have to offer. You can utilise each character’s special abilities by equipping their respective starting weapons.

Through banners, you can obtain strong starting weapons. With the use of starter weapon improvement stones, you can upgrade them. They are available via the main quest and the tower of trials.

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