Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary Release Date, Upcoming Event and More

Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary release Date, Upcoming Event and More: In order to honour the two-year anniversary of the smartphone RPG Blue Archive from Nexon Games in Japan, Yostar organised a large celebration. It is scheduled on January 22, 2023, and will be known as the Blue Archive Festival. A live stream broadcast, in-game advertising campaigns, a live event in Japan, and other events will all be a part of the Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary celebration.

The Bellesalle event space in Akihabara will host the Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary celebration. Two floors of the venue will be devoted to the event space. The main stage is on a different floor and requires a ticket to enter, while the first floor is an exhibition space that is open to everyone. A ticket costs 2,200 Yen, or roughly $16.50 USD.

Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary
Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary

The live broadcast for Blue Archive’s second anniversary will take place on the main stage. Voice actors for numerous characters will be on the list of attendees. Additionally, there will be an announcement of the anniversary plans in-game.

For admirers of the Blue Archive, the exhibition area will feature a number of attractions. The main attraction is a huge Peroro exhibit that is 5 metres (16.5 ft) tall. The video game series Momo Friends’ mascot, Peroro, resembles a bird. Periodically, Peroro also makes an appearance in the game as a boss, enlarging to kaiju size and launching “Perorodzilla” attacks against the city of Kivotos.

Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary Release Date, Upcoming Event:

In addition to the large Peroro, the Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary exhibition area will have guest activities, standee panels, and picture opportunities. The activities range from a “pop quiz” on Blue Archive knowledge that visitors may take to receive special stickers to panels that recall the main plot elements, occasions, and other significant moments in the game’s history.

Android and iOS users can download Blue Archive. In Nov 2022, the worldwide version marked its first birthday.

It includes a whole festival in addition to a live stream. There will be a live event for this celebration so that participants from around the world can watch it from home. It’s interesting to learn how this came to be since this is the first time Blue Archive has undertaken an endeavour of this magnitude. Numerous advertising campaigns may be run in support of this event.

Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary release Date, Upcoming:

It doesn’t take quite as long as these campaigns to complete or as a prize. Additionally, any news releases should include thorough coverage of it right away. Currently, if you’re interested in where the event will be held, it will be in the Bellsalle in Akihabara. Additionally, the characters’ voices will be audible.

Fans will have the opportunity to interact with the characters as well as their voices. According to a rumour, they’ll reveal the game’s upcoming improvements at the occasion.
The thrilling festival is what we’re discussing more now. About 1.5 feet tall in the centre, the big Peroro. With a tonne of photo possibilities for participants, this is unquestionably the festival’s main draw. For fans to participate in, a variety of activities are offered, including quizzes, photo booths, and products. The special panels that will talk about the game, in general, are also available for viewing by guests.

Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary Release Date:

On January 22, The Blue Archive will broadcast its second-anniversary stream. Fans anticipate getting a sneak peek at upcoming material, perhaps even with some brand-new characters. The live stream, in general, is a huge celebration of the popular gacha game, which is always evolving.

l   Furthermore, it’s a complete festival, not simply a live feed.

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