Mobile Legends Update 1.7.58- Complete Details

Mobile Legends Update 1.7.58- Complete Details: The main game is getting a bunch of new skins with the arrival of the most recent Mobile Legends Advance Server Patch 1.7.58 Update, which has been teased here. The Overhauled Minsitthar, Layla, & Lapu-Lapu, as well as a few balancing changes for those heroes. with the launch of the new skins.

Mobile Legends Update 1.7.58- Complete Details
Mobile Legends Update 1.7.58- Complete Details

Mobile Legends Update 1.7.58:

For 14 heroes, including Backgrounds are less likely, Zhask, Khaleed, and Wanwan, One improved the language, consistency, and phrasing of the skill descriptions.

For six heroes, namely Hanabi, Lesley, and Irithel, developers improved the phrasing, syntax, and consistency of the in-game skill status messages.

Recall Effects, Customized Actions, Graffiti, and Battle Emoticons all now have sound effects. That function similarly to skill sound effects thanks to changes made by the developers. When the target is in the visual range, they may only be heard. More players playing MLBB with sound activated is what developers are aiming for.

  • February 14 marks the release of Arlott and his skin “Wandering Spear” (Server Time). For the first two weeks. The skin will be available for 51 Diamonds and the hero will be 30% OFF during the launch sale.
  • Available on February 14 is Fanny’s “Heart Afloat” (Server Time). A 30% skin discount offer during the launch sale.
  • On February 18, the Julian “Megumi Fushiguro” Jujutsu Kaisen Cooperation skin was offered as part of an MLBB X Jujutsu Kaisen Event (Server Time).
  • On March 8 (Server Time), Floryn “Paw Power” will cost 599 Diamonds to acquire. Skin discount by 30% during the launch sale.
  • The Estes “Galaxy Dominator” has undergone a thorough makeover and will soon make a comeback.

Mobile Legends New Skins:

  • The Lancelot “Pisces” skin has undergone a thorough redesign and will soon be available again.
  • For a brief period on February 18, the Xavier “Satoru Gojo” Jujutsu Kaisen Partnership skin will be accessible during the MLBB X Jujutsu Kaisen Events (Server Time).
  • For a brief period on February 18. The MLBB X Jujutsu Kaisen Event will provide the Melissa “Nobara Kugisaki” Jujutsu Kaisen Partnership skin (Server Time).
  • On February 23, Brody’s “Quantum Grip” skin, an MPL exclusive, will be accessible (Server Time).
  • On March 1, Valentina’s “CyberAgent” March Star Light Pass cosmetic will be available (Server Time).
  • The big collection featuring Natan “Tidal Lord” will go on sale on March 4.
  • February 14 will release Claude’s “Heart Aflame” single (Server Time). A 30% skin discount offered during the launch sale. As part of a Wondrous Romance Event, which honors Valentine’s Day in-game, the two skins mentioned above will be available.
  • For a brief period on February 18 during the MLBB x Jujutsu Kaisen Event. The Yin “Yuji Itadori” collaborative skin from Jujutsu Kaisen will be accessible (Server Time).

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