How to Be in Fenrir’s Pv Tower Of Fantasy – Free Dark Crystals!!

How to Be in Fenrir’s Pv?!! Free Dark Crystals!!: The Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy are useful, and you usually gain them by simply progressing through the game. However, if you ever need more Dark Crystals, there are a few more ways to acquire them.


Tower of Fantasy how To Be in Fenrir’s Pv?!! Free Dark Crystals!!:

Fenrir then requested assistance from all the Wanderers! In the “Gifts for Fenrir” event, document special occasions with your pals on planet Aida and send them to the Star Apartments. The top honor is to get an opportunity to be featured in Fenrir’s own promotional video (PV) and Dark Crystals!

So what are the several strategies that you can acquire more? In the instructions below, we discuss every method for obtaining extra Dark Crystals.

Supply pods can only be accessed once, in contrast to password chests, which respawn. However, you may count on finding 20 Dark Crystals in Type I and also 50 Dark Crystals in Type II supply pods once you do locate one.

In order to gain the most XP before your daily cap is reached, attempt to locate and also open supply pods as fast as you’re able to because they also give a lot of experience points.

Tower of Fantasy Fenrir’s Pv:

Players can also obtain each benefit, such as Dark Pearls, by carrying out the four steps:

  • “Gift Box” should be tapped (top-right edge).
  • Select “Rewards” from the menu (bottom of the screen).
  • Go to the “Follow Us” tab.
  • Click on both “Join Now!” buttons.

There seem to be two that let you join the game’s official developer channels and grant you 100 Dark Crystals as a result: one of these for Facebook and a second for Twitch. Don’t forget to claim them later in your gaming mailbox.

The newcomer activities in the “Starpath Navigation” menu can be completed by players to earn Dark Crystals as well.

To begin these tasks, you must complete the following:

  • “Gift Box” can be tapped.
  • Click “Newcomer Event.”
  • Any mission may chosen from the “Starpath Navigation” list.
  • After finishing, claim your rewards.
  • Please be aware that these tasks are only accessible to new accounts for the first 21 days.

How to Be in Fenrir’s Pv?!! Free Dark Crystals!!

  • When you’re finished with the beginner tasks or the 21-day deadline has passed, you can move to the “Mission Terminal” and begin unlocked achievements. the following actions:
  • On the menu, select “Terminal.”
  • Then select “Achievements.”
  • Pick a mission from the list and finish it.
  • Your rewards, which include Dark Crystals, are waiting for you.
  • Activate Beautiful Places
  • In Tower of Fantasy, there are 23 picturesque locales, and by unlocking each one, you will receive 20 Dark Crystals, which means that if you unlock them all, you will have 460 Dark Crystals.

For help claiming all of these awards, consult our reference to the picturesque areas in Tower of Fantasy.

Gamers can begin keeping and modifying their automobiles after they reach Level 32, in addition to unlocking new ones. Users that do this will also raise their service level; once they reach servicing Level 5, they will receive 20 Dark Crystals as compensation.

Free Dark Crystals!!

In Tower of Fantasy, here is how to upkeep automobiles:

  • Hit the “Vehicles” menu option.
  • Select “Maintain” from the menu.
  • Pick an upgrade component from the list.
  • By selecting “Maintain,” you confirm.

Tanium can be bought via the in-game store if you don’t mind parting with real money to get Dark Crystals. The following is what you get for your money when you convert tanium into the equivalent number of dark crystals:

Players can only earn Dark Crystals once using any of the methods mentioned above, but there are other ways to farm the dark cash, one of which requires collecting weekly incentives.

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