All 150 Hogwarts Field Guide Pages Hogwarts Legacy

All 150 Hogwarts Field Guide Pages Hogwarts Legacy:

You’re going to want to look for them all since gathering all of the Field Guide Pages is necessary to finish the game’s last post-game objective.

All 150 Hogwarts Field Guide Pages Hogwarts Legacy
All 150 Hogwarts Field Guide Pages Hogwarts Legacy

In this guide, we have listed the locations of all 150 Hogwarts Legacy Pages.
You’ll get your Field Guide from Professor Weasley, which is one of the first things you’ll experience while exploring Hogwarts. You are required to complete the Field Guide in order to study for your O.W.L. tests. It contains information about Hogwarts in its entirety.

Field Guide pages that are dispersed all over the world must be collected in order to complete the Field Guide.

All 150 Hogwarts Field Guide Pages Hogwarts Legacy:

In Hogwarts, you may find 150 Field Guide Pages.

The Astronomy Wing contains 23 Field Guide Pages.
The Bell Tower Wing contains 34 Field Guide Pages.
The Grand Staircase contains 26 Field Guide Pages.
24 Field Guide Pages can be found in The Great Hall.
The Library Annex contains 20 pages of a field guide.
The South Wing contains 23 Field Guide Pages.
As well:

In Hogsmeade, there are 55 pages of a field guide.
31 pages make up the field guide. In the Highlands.

The Wizard’s Beginner’s Guide serves as the primary tool for tracking your advancement in Hogwarts Legacy. It is given to you whenever you are assigned to your Hogwarts house, and it maintains track of every kind of adversary you encounter. Additionally, it puts specific demands on you and rewards you with improvements and decorations.

150 Hogwarts Field Guide Pages Hogwarts Legacy:

You must first locate every one of the sections for it before you can fill it out. There are many of them located across Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the nearby Highlands. There are more than 150 to find, and if you want to get 100% completion, you should find them all.

Here’s where to look in Hogwarts Legacy to find every Field Guide page.

The fact that they emit a soft glow as you pass him represents the most evident indication that a Field Guide page is nearby. The page’s outline will be visible, and when you walk by, a soft jingling sound will also be heard. You should be able to locate them if you pay attention to each of these indicators.

All 150 Hogwarts Field Guide Pages Hogwarts Legacy
All 150 Hogwarts Field Guide Pages Hogwarts Legacy

It’s likely that something will have a Field Guide page in front of it if you see something that stands out from its surroundings. You should see whether there is a page if you pass a monument, trophy case, painting, or even a gorgeous painting. By using Revelio, you can determine whether there is one and whether your suspicion is obvious.

All 150 Hogwarts Field Guide Pages Hogwarts:

Keep an eye out for items that have a white outline surrounding them as you explore the Hogwarts Legacy environment. This implies that you can cast a spell on them to interact with them. You’ll receive a Field Guide page as a prize, almost always for doing this. You must employ Leviosa for statues of wizards holding balls, and Incendio for dragon braziers. Use Depulso if you notice notches on the wall. Just keep trying until you find the right spell if you’re unsure which one to employ.

Field papers aren’t just seen on floors; they may also be seen flying around in the air. In any area of Hogwarts with a vaulted ceiling, you should glance up because pages are probably fluttering about there. Usually, utilizing Accio will draw these in. Outside, particularly in Hogsmeade, there have been chapters fluttering around as well. Look up as frequently as you can if you want to find all of the pages.

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