Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle-Complete Guide

Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle: You can find the Hogwarts Legacy bridge puzzle on the Hogwarts Legacy map at the Viaduct Courtyard, which joins the Great Hall and Library Annex.

At first sight, it appears to be a rather innocent location. But if you look closely, you’ll notice that the open-world game’s puzzle elements are present. Additionally, resolving it will grant you access to a legendary item. You don’t even need to know how to break Hogwarts Legacy locks. How to solve the Hogwarts Legacy bridge problem is given below.

Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle

One of the many mysteries you might discover at the school of witchcraft and wizardry is the Hogwarts Legacy bridge puzzle. Given that it’s an environmental puzzle that necessitates you keep an eye out for occult hints as you wander, it’s also quite simple to overlook.

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The answer to the Hogwarts Legacy bridge puzzle:

You’ll see the golden relief with four symbols with corresponding Roman numerals on the route ahead as you approach from the Library Annex. The Incendio or Confringo spell must first have been taught in order to interact with this relief.

Which is the key to solving the Hogwarts Legacy bridge problem. Check out our list of all Hogwarts Legacy spells. Their prerequisites if you haven’t already unlocked it so you can easily solve the bridge challenge when you return.

It’s time to use your wand now that you can shoot fire from the tip of it. Look at the four braziers that are affixed to plinths along the bridge. You’ll see that a symbol from the relief is included on each plinth. Light each brazier with Incendio. Then interact with them to spin them and show the corresponding number to the sign on the relief.

No matter what sequence you complete these steps in, as long as they match exactly, you will have figured out the Hogwarts Legacy bridge problem. Once it is unlocked, walk back to the golden relief on the route and climb the ladder to the viaduct.

On the right, there is a little chest with an undetermined collectible inside. However, the enormous chest on the left at the further end of the viaduct is where you’ll find your main reward for cracking the Hogwarts Legacy bridge mystery. To find a legendary item at random, search the chest. Use the Desk of Description to locate it in the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement.

That is all there is to the Hogwarts Legacy bridge riddle. The Hogwarts Legacy transmog system is crucial for maintaining your sense of fashion if you’re not satisfied with how the legendary gear you earned looks. If the Hogwarts Legacy number problem has you baffled, we also have the answer. See how we liked our first year at the magical school by reading our Hogwarts Legacy review.


The Hogwarts Legacy bridge conundrum is limit to that. If you’re not happy with how the legendary gear you earned appears, the Hogwarts Legacy transmog system is essential for keeping your sense of style. We also have the solution if the Hogwarts Legacy number puzzle has you stumped. Read our Hogwarts Legacy review to learn more about how we felt about our first year at the magical institution.

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