The Blue Archive Free 100 Pulls – How to Get Easily Get?

The Blue Archive Free 100 Pulls: The summer theme continues with The Blue Archive Free event. Abydos High School and the Allied Hyakkiyako Center students are engaged. Members of the Hyakkiyako Festival Operations Department set up a beach hut business in the Lost Paradise resort archipelago, only to fall victim to the same “Resort Hunt” scheme that ensnared the Abydos girls.

The Blue Archive Free 100 Pulls
The Blue Archive Free 100 Pulls

In the archipelago, they are now in conflict with several other groups of similarly deceived Students. The entire archipelago in the winner’s hands, to be use as they see fit.

In the Conquest game mode, which is part of the event. Participants can gradually invade and take land. After claiming a territory, you may farm it to get the materials you need to buy things and open up new hunting grounds.

The Blue Archive Free 100 Pulls:

The student body will grow by four with summer themes. After completing the event’s first stage, participants will receive help from Shizuko (Swimsuit). Those who have extra Pyroxene gems can roll the producing high quality for Hoshino (Swimsuit), who’d been prais as one of the game’s most potent support students upon her introduction in the Japanese edition.

The Blue Archive Free 100 Pulls
The Blue Archive Free 100 Pulls

Obtaining higher-rarity Students is made possible by Hoshino’s banner. Which also has an increase loss rate for three – star characters (from 3% to 6%). Banners for Chise (Swimsuit) and Izuna will be unveil during the Blue Archive celebration’s second half (Swimsuit). Additionally. They’ll be bringing a login promotion that will give gamers 10 free rolls every day. Up to a maximum of 100 rolls.

The Blue Archive 1.5 Anniversary Free 100 Pulls:

In the “Abydos Resort Restoration Task Force” event, players may follow the narrative of the characters as they stroll down the beach. Then. The preceding narrative is continue in an event titled “Biz Trip! Momoyodou Beach Shack Franchise Plan.”

The four brand-new characters that were unveil at this event are also available to gamers. 100 free tickets are available to gamers during the event, which makes it even more intriguing. The player will receive 10 free pulls each day for ten days.

Also included on the 1.5th anniversary banner are banners for the swimsuits Izuna and Chise. Up to February 13, 2023, The Blue Archive will be celebrating its 1.5th anniversary. Both iOS and Android smartphones may use Blue Archive. Players, don’t forget about the 100 free Archive !

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