Mobile Legends Valentine Event 2023- Complete Details

Mobile legends valentine Event 2023, New Funny and Claude Valentine Skin:This Article will cover everything you need to know about the upcoming valentine special update in Mobile legends, with the release of new funny and claude valentine skin, new valentine themed game modes, and new valentine themed skins.

Coming soon is the 2023 Valentine Mobile Legends skin. Fans of Mobile Legends are naturally eager to learn which hero will receive this skin.

Mobile Legends Valentine Event 2023- Complete Details
Mobile Legends Valentine Event 2023- Complete Details

Leaks suggest that the Valentine’s 2023 event in February will feature a fresh batch of Valentine’s skin. Fanny and Claude would be the intended recipients of the new Valentine’s 2023 skin set, which is an excellent decision.

Although no official information has been released as of yet, several leakers have revealed the identity of the hero that will receive the Valentine 2023 skin. According to a report, the Valentine 2023 skin belongs to the heroes New Claude and Funny Valentine Skin.

Mobile Legends Valentine Event 2023

It is known that the Mobile Legends game will still have Valentine’s skin. The gamers await this skin’s availability as well. Because Moonton consistently develops beautiful skins with fascinating effects, this is the case. Players’ constant need for skin releases inside the Mobile Legends game is therefore only logical. Mobile Legends Valentine Event 2023 Skin for Clade and Fanny has been reveale by a number of leakers.

Mobile Legends New Funny and Claude Valentine Skin:

Additionally, leaks have indicated that a fresh batch of Valentine’s skin would be release for the next Valentine’s event in February. It sounds like a fantastic idea to choose the new Valentine’s skin set for Fanny and Claude.

Mobile Legends Valentine Event 2023- Complete Details
Mobile Legends Valentine Event 2023- Complete Details

Claude Valentine Skin

This time, Claude will receive the Valentine Mobile Legends skin. This superhero, who plays the part of Marksman, has a Mega-themed, futuristic appearance. The predominant colours of this hero’s outfit are red, white, and black, and it has a blue design. Of course, this will increase the users’ trust in Claude.

When you’re in the game and facing the other squad, Claude’s contemporary appearance will help you stay calm. However, be sure that you’ve learned this hero’s abilities as well. Find the ideal Claude construction piece as well. So that Claude can look bright when battling in the Land of Dawn, he needs these two items.

New Funny Valentine Skin:

Hero Fanny is report to receive the next skin. The protagonist who plays the assassin will dress in contemporary fashion. The colours white, black, red, and blue will also dominate the look.Blue will also predominate in Fanny’s weaponry. It will give you more confidence to use Fanny in the game because of its contemporary appearance. You must learn Fanny’s abilities, though, just like Claude did. You may utilise it to decide when and which skills to use in battle. As a result, you may play the game’s hero while also honing your talents.


Here is the cool new event of Mobile Legends, that’s the event is about Valentine. Where the Valentine will release a new hero for a limited time. Hello everyone, happy valentines day! The event is about to happen very soon, you can get the new hero for free if you participate in it. It is said that the heroes that will be released are the mobile legends valentine skin.

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