Blue Archive Chesed Teams Tier List 2023

Blue Archive Chesed Teams: The best Blue Archive team needs to be assembled now. New players don’t have much time to catch up with Blue Archive’s extensive story campaign and annoying raid monsters because the game’s first big boss event isn’t until the end of November.

A lower difficulty setting is anticipated to still be available to help lesser players go through the new content, but if you’ve ever played a gacha game, you know that the finest prizes come after the best gaming.

Please open a new tab to view our Blue Archive tier list before we engulf you in jargon. Even a newbie should be able to understand team building when combined with the most recent Blue Archive banners. Additionally, our list of Blue Archive codes is useful if you need extra pulls. Want to play another game? Similar visuals can found in Final Gear.

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Blue Archive Chesed Teams

Team for Each Boss:

Fortunately, the remaining high-damage hits in this battle are cause by static placement attacks. You should be able to easily avoid these when the actual battle begins if you do a few practise runs to figure out where these land.

Will face off against Shiro and Kuro back to back in this two-part duel. You should concentrate mostly on avoiding the bombs dropped on errant parts of the stage. For all but the greatest Blue Archive teams, standing in overlapping explosions will be an issue.

Chesed Teams:

The lesson of removing mob packs before concentrating on the boss is driven home by this boss. Chesed won’t show up until the battle’s second half, which requires a significant amount of opponent clearance to enter. Chesed still has a high DEF even after that.

The goal is to overwhelm the boss with Blue Archive attacks to the point where it enters its shocked state and exposes a portion of itself with noticeably weaker defences. Clear the mobs and expose its softer core until it is defeated by dealing as much damage as you can when its guard is down. If you don’t, you risk having to repeat the process.

You won’t have endurance on your side. The likelihood that you will survive a combat decreases over time. Bring whichever combination of characters from the above list you believe will help you succeed.

The terrain varies throughout the three phases of this battle, forcing complex team compositions to fully exploit their advantages. The enemy must have its HP bar reduced to a specific level to enter each phase, after which it will retreat into the previous one.

Similar to Chesed, defeating this boss requires building up a gauge. In Blue Archive, stopping bosses from striking is a frequent tactic, and you may continually stun poor Binah by taking a lot of damage from Penetration units. However, the last phase is immediately followe by a strong attack, so decide your approach now based on your support.

Blue Archive Raids: What Are They?

These boss fights, which are actually known as Total Assault bouts in-game, are more frequently referr to as Raids by the Blue Archive Reddit community. You can engage in these difficult encounters up to three times each day. Raid availability is categorised as an event, thus it’s crucial to complete any raid you can before it disappears in order to reap its rewards.

Only the top teams will triumph in raids. The pool of playable units is notably limited in Blue Archive because of the challenging type matches and terrain benefits. However, you are not limited to a single team. You’ll have 60 minutes to defeat the chosen boss when you’ve chosen it. Any squad that perishes during that hour cannot be utilised in that combat again, but another team may be sent in to finish the task.

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