Back 4 Blood Deck Builds 2023 – High Difficulty Bow & Arrow Build

Back 4 Blood Deck Builds will require everyone ready and available to tidy up the roads and recover The Ridden. The profound spin off of Valve’s Left 4 Dead offers numerous likenesses with the zombie-impacting center title, with you outfitting yourself with various guns and scuffle weapons to take on the undead crowds in five brief episodes each mission.

Hoffman, a doomsday prepper-turned-badass, is one of the characters you may play. Don’t let his taped-up spectacles mislead you into thinking he’s Jack Black cosplaying as Dwight from The Office. Here’s how to play Hoffman Back 4 Blood Deck Builds 2023 like a professional.

 Back 4 Blood Deck Builds 2023

Hoffman’s Character Traits

Prior to plunging into the game and examining the different Cleaners, you want to gain proficiency with something more about them. Hoffman’s capabilities lie in his ability to help others, scrounge for vital offensive equipment, and chop those Ridden down like wheat. He is every now and again perceived as one of the most grounded Cleaners for both performance and center players similarly. This is support by his four fundamental characteristics:

  • Always Prepared: After killing a Ridden, you may collect ammo or offensive attachments (such as grenades).
  • Prepared To Shake: An extra hostile device space.
  • Freight Pockets: 15% more group ammo limit.
  • Never without an ammunition pouch: Begin each level of the run with one.

Hoffman’s inherent proclivity for a strong offensive strategy, along with his passive ammunition capacity bonus, has made him an important member of any senior squad. At the same time, Hoffman’s steady supply of extra ammo and supplementary weaponry makes him ideal for newcomers who don’t want to risk running out of ammo beyond the walls of Fort Hope.

Back 4 Blood Deck Builds 2023

We’ve previously demonstrated Hoffman’s outstanding potential as both a team player and a solitary source of sheer power, so you’ll want to select cards that both enhance and supplement his abilities. Try not to ration Strategies and Guard cards in your work, since there Hoffman is feeble.

 Back 4 Blood Deck Builds 2023

In a similar line, don’t be worried about additional ammo cards; even without Hoffman’s intense eye, you won’t ever run out of shots in Back 4 Blood! Here are five cards to retain in your hand that can help you construct a firm foundation for your Hoffman:

  • Shooting Gloves for Better Cardio
  • Second Chance: Run and Gun
  • Combat Knife Confident Killer
  • Ridden Slayer High Visibility Sights Durability: Cross Trainers

How To Choose Back 4 Blood Deck Builds 2023

Superior cardio and cross trainers will strengthen Hoffman’s reflexes, increasing not only your stamina and speed but also your health by 5%. This is useful given Hoffman’s proclivity for being well-prepared in terms of armament but lacking the mobility that others have.

Confident Killer makes killing as many Mutations more rewarding: you’ll gain one percent greater damage strength for each unique Ridden slain by yourself or your companions. This is limited to 15%, but it is still a very efficient use of card space.

Finally, make Hoffman more agile on his feet by equipping him with Shooting Gloves and Run & Gun. The former will grant you an additional 25% speed boost when swapping firearms and 15% improved accuracy when shooting down your sights. When combined with Run & Gun, Hoffman will become a sprinting killing machine in no time. 

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