Zold Out Reroll Guide and Tier List – Check In Here!

Wondering for Zold Out Reroll Guide and Tier List? Then stop here. You will get all the following answer and solutions of the Zold Out Reroll Guide and Tier List. We will also see the guide and the game walkthrough.

The Tier List of the Zold Out is also given in this post. It is given below the paragraph. So let’s start the article without any due, and see the solution. First we will see the Zold Out Reroll Guide Walkthrough.

Zold Out Reroll Guide and Tier List
Zold Out Reroll Guide and Tier List

Zold Out Reroll Guide – Walkthrough :-

You must defend the world against evil forces in the turn-based SRPG game Zold Out. Regarding the release date, the Android and iOS versions of the game Zold Out were made available in 2023.

If we’re talking about the creators and distributors of the Zold Out gaming, then we should mention the well-known Chinese android development studio NetEase Games.

The various adversaries you will encounter in this game can be defeated by assembling a powerful squad from your favourite characters, which can be found throughout the game. The game offers you the chance to discover a fantastic & captivating plot.

Along with the main plot, you can discover more about characters’ pasts. The game’s turn-based format makes the use of strategies essential. Zold Out is a wonderful game all around. In the next paragraph we will see how to get Zold Out Reroll, full guide given.

How To Reroll Zold Out Step By Step?

How you’ll be able to reroll as in game is not yet known because it has not yet been released. However, this is how you can Reroll Zold Out Try this strategy step by step.

  1. The start of Zoldout Global Register as a visitor.
  2. Then Complete the tutorial.
  3. Zoldout codes should be used, if they are.
  4. Click the mailbox icon to the left of lobby to claim pre-registration prizes.
  5. Navigate to the game’s recruit menu.
  6. Utilize the in-game mailbox to spend the X10 Gashapon goodies the game sent you as a pre-registration gift.
  7. Focus on a top-tier SSR character; see the Zold Out character tier list here.
  8. To access the game settings if you didn’t receive any top-tier SSR characters, hit the gear icon in the upper area.
  9. Tap the account management option on the game’s settings page.
  10. After selecting Reset Account, select Yes. When the game restarts, sign in using a guest account or keep going until you find your favourite SSR character.

Zold Out Tier List :-

Zold Out Global now has more than 50 characters, and there are plans to add more than that in upcoming updates.

S Tier List

Fantastic characters who work well as stand-ins if you can’t find a S tier. They work well with S-tier characters and it can quickly assist you in clearing stuff.

  • Gloria
  • Ashley
  • Natalie
  • Karen

A Tier List

Although not the strongest, they make decent fillers at the beginning of the game. They can be employed in conjunction with S-tier characters and will help you quickly clear stuff.

  • Veronica
  • Luther
  • Faustina
  • Morgan

B Tier List

Although not the strongest, they make decent fillers at the beginning of the game. As a support option, they can help your A-tier or S-tier characters.

  • Irene
  • Aurura
  • Dawn
  • Hilda

C Tier List

If you wish to efficiently clear content, it is better to avoid including these people in your party.

  • Margarete
  • Rosetta
  • Gino
  • Adelaide
  • Keith
  • Jane
  • Ella

D Tier List

Not something that is worth updating or even trying to use.

  • Tess
  • Carolyn
  • Karl
  • Norman
  • Gail
  • Dorls
  • Rae
  • Josh
  • Afra
  • Milly
  • Celia

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