Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 12, Paralogues, Best Characters And Items!

sFire Emblem Engage Chapter 12: “Fire Emblem” Alear’s journey to the desert locale of Solm is the focus of Engage’s Chapter 12. Alear hopes to discover further emblems they had been looking for as well as some fresh battle troops to befriend in this southern realm. Players will find various new items in the shops of Somniel. As well as a story quest and one epilogue in which Alear engages Emblem Lucina in amicable combat. In this chapter. The desert presents a tonne of fresh threats in addition to all the fantastic treasures it contains.

Players will note that the item shop’s inventory has significantly increased. There are considerably more of a number of products available for purchase. Including more Master Seals to alter the classes of Fire Emblem Engage’s characters, more Second Seals, more tonics and healing supplies, as well as other restocks. In addition to Silence Staff. Physic Staffs, Freeze Staffs, and other items. Players can now purchase killer weapons with high critical chances.

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 12
Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 12

Other developments on Somniel’s floating island include:

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 12

Additionally, there are now a few more costumes in the Boutique for Fire Emblem Engage’s units to choose from. The Tower of Trials now offers a brand-new multiplayer online trial type. Now, players can give to Elusia.

To enhance the bond between Lucina and Alear. Players in this epilogue will need to engage in combat with the legendary Fire Emblem character Lucina. She will reach her maximum bond level in this battle. And there are many foes with money that may be stolen by killing them. Be careful not to get boxed in because the wide-open arena can make it simple for powerful opponents to encircle your allies.

This arena’s monster, Lucina, has powerful weapons that are effective against a variety of unit kinds, as players will soon discover. She possesses three powerful weapons: an effective sword against dragons, a powerful bow that boosts resistance, and an effective sword against mounted and armoured foes. There will be a couple of fresh, vicious additions in each staircase when players battle her. If players have purchased the Fire Emblem Engage DLC, it is advisable to offer the nearest unit to her a Revival Stone with Tiki’s power. You can shatter her with a melee attack after you force her to use her bow by hanging back.

Fire Emblem Engage:

Some of the enemy units are advanced classes, in addition to two of the new troops. Players must keep careful track of which units are which so that they can dispatch their own forces appropriately. Be careful to avoid Quicksand squares whenever you can because they will slow a unit’s progress by three. Contrary to several Fire Emblem games from the past, it appears that all troops may move regularly across standard sand tiles.

In the bottom left corner, there are some villagers who want protection and rescue and who also possess a lot of useful stuff. Send someone down to that corner as quickly as you can by giving one of the staff units a couple of movement-based staffs. The other units should all go across the map, eliminating all the corrupted there. The wonderful stuff that gamers can get is list.

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter:

Depending on how powerful your units are, you might have to return later since the recommended level for this paralogue is 19. Go to the Arena of the Gods when you’re prepared to face it. You’ll need to battle Lucina and her allies after a dialogue event if you want to cement your relationship with her. She’ll be using a bow, so you need to use caution. Four more archers will appear at each of the nearby stairs as soon as you eliminate all of the other foes and aggro her.

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