Valorant Vandal Skins List in 2023 – Complete Details

lValorant Vandal Skins List in 2023: We will give you information about valorant vandal skins as you all know valorant is a very famous fps PC online multiplayer game and contains many guns in it. One of the most powerful guns in valorant is vandal and phantom but the most powerful one is vandal you all know valorant is a very highly graphic game every update valorant riot games brings something new.

Valorant is a very powerful game and has many audiences buying their skins which come in the shop and purchased by battle points which are purchased by INR in India. There is a huge fanbase of valorant skins in India and in this article we are going to talk about valorant vandal skins which will be too good and also amazing and asl give you information. Vandal is a valorant gun with more recoil and most of the players use vandal to play and kill their enemies in the competitive.

Valorant Vandal Skins
Valorant Vandal Skins

Unrated, deathmatch matches as it is very powerful. If we add skins into the gun it looks gracious and very attractive it also builds up confidence for the players so we are gonna talk and show you about skins of vandals so read the article fully.

Best Valorant Vandal Skins

As you all know that vandal skins are the most popular skins among all the skins in valorant and many people purchase it too from the markets. And the vandal is very famous among all other valorant guns and skins. The main reason vandals are popular is very simple the vandal is considerevery powerful, useful and which is valuable for credit assault rifles in the game valorant. So it is too very obvious to buy vandal skins other than buying any other valorant gun skins because a vandal is the most used weapon and favorite of players so they are gonna buy them only it’s very much obvious.

So if you guys want to buy any of the valorant skins from the valorant stores or any page then you should go to the night market to buy valorant skins among all you can buy vandal at cheap rate now due to offers. And it is better to know the price of the skin before buying and it is better to know about popular skins of valorant gun vandals. Also, you don’t get any of the chance after buying the skin to sell or trade again in the market so it’s very much better to first of all know and get knowledge of skins and buy it at a cheap rate.

So here we are going to show you the top ten famous oh it is very famous skins of valorant and of the most successful gun of valorant which is vandal.  We have listed all the variants of valorant skins which you all can buy from the market as well as valorant skin bundles of valorant are to be mentioned below so check these skins out!

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Top 10 vandal skins in valorant 2023

So the first skin of the vandal which is very overrated is

1. Prime Vandal – prime vandal is one of the most famous skins in valorant and people like its animation VFX the sound that this gun makes, is so beautiful that everyone gets amazed in valorant 2023 skins.

2. Reaver vandal – This skin is totally based on the purple theme and acts like ghost skin in valorant 2023 skins.

3. Elderflame vandal – Elder flame vandal is a skin based on the total dragon and its flames and opening sound of skin is very smoothing in valorant 2023 skins.

Many skins are –

  • Glitch pop Vandal
  • Forsaken Vandal
  • Origin Vandal
  • Tethered realms Vandal
  • Silvanus Vandal
  • Winter wonderland Vandal
  • Wasteland Vandal.
Valorant Vandal Skins
Valorant Vandal Skins

So these were the 10 skins famous in valorant.

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