How To Play Valorant on Chromebook 2023 !

Play Valorant on Chromebook: Chromebooks are a lot different. Playing games on a Chrome book is a little tough when considered with other devices. But Linux support makes it a lot more easier and convenient to play and run games on the Chrome book.  Linux support lets the user have games running.

Steam is arguably one of the best digital game distributors on the market. and steam is officially supported by Linux as well. But the best thing about having steam and Linux support is. There is no need for changing into developer mode. OR there is no need for downloading and running Crouton also.

The game that everybody wanted to try and experience these days is VALORANT. We at have curated an easy and simpler way of running the game on a chrome book with the support of Linux. moving forward in this article you will be able to get all the info you need to run Valorant smoothly on a Chrome book.

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Play Valorant on Chromebook
Play Valorant on Chromebook

Valorant was released way back in June 2020. and has grown a massive player base worldwide. the game, in the beginning, was available only for Windows users. the game is free to download and also play. Valorant is developed by Riot games. and currently, it is one of the most popular FPS titles. The game requires very few RAM requirements too. The game boasts itself with a vast and diverse agent pool. They are equipped with a unique set of abilities along with stylish gunplay.

Valorant has prominently four agent roles and they are named – Duelist, Sentinel, Initiator, and Controller. Players can pick their agent role accordingly that will suit their playing style. There are other agents as well, but they will be available, once you cross certain stages.

Play Valorant on Chromebook

  • Linux should be installed with Wine, in order to Valorant on Chromebook.
  • Head to the official Valorant website.
  • Create a RIOT games account.
  • Download the game file – “install valorant .exe”
  • After downloading move the file to the Linux folder.
  • Go to the terminal and input the needed commands.
  • wine “Install Valorant .exe”
  • The game will take a few minutes for its installation.
  • After the completion, restart the chrome book.
  • and when it comes back and run the game.

The game will be perfectly installed and ready to play on your chrome book.

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