How To Get Free 35 KOF Lottery – Mobile Legends KOF Event

Are you wondering how to get free 35 KOF Lottery?, Don’t worry in this post you will get to know. We will provide Step by step information to get free 35 KOF Lottery.

Those who don’t know how to get free 35 KOF Lottery, please do not skip the article in the half. Otherwise you will not understand any thing.

How To Get Free 35 KOF Lottery
How To Get Free 35 KOF Lottery

Get Free 35 Lottery In Mobile Legends KOF Event :-

Even for gamers who don’t top up, the KOF event is by far the most popular. Since it offers a lot of skins inside the draw event.  Moonton will offer an Event Task with the a KOF Bingo Token award, that is used to draw at the KOF Event.

On that particular day, because when the KOF Event is held. Additionally, each draw will yield a skin, and after ten draws. An Epic skin and an Epic Limited may be yours. Because Collector skins on Mobile Legends can be purchase for a low price during the KOF Event, users frequently do so.

How To Get Free 35 KOF Lottery?

To get free 35 KOF Lottery will complete the following event. This event will have two phases, which will be quite close together. You will give away a total of 18 free tickets in phase 1. And you will give away a total of 16 tickets in phase 2.

You can therefore purchase a total of 35 KOF tickets. Users also need 250 diamonds, which SPIN Esports advises using twice for phase 1 and three times for phase 2, giving you a total of 40 spins. Of course, you will receive 1 KOF skin if you are fortunate enough to locate a pattern with a 40x draw.

Step By Step Information To Get Free 35 KOF Lottery :-

Phase 1 To Get Fee KOF Lottery:

  • Recharge 1 time to get KOF tickets.
  • Then login to the game to get 1 token ponca.
  • If you complete all the KOF task on phase-1, you can get 18 tickets.

Phase 2 To Get Free KOF Lottery :

  • Phase 2 will start from February 6 to 8.
  • Same task on the phase 1 but there is no pre-registration.
  • You can get 16 tickets on phase 2 even.
  • The Badass Roller you obtained has been convert into Rare Skin Fragment.

The Upcoming Event In Mobile Legends :-

There will be 1 The King of Fighters event in the near future. Frosty Faustings XV, the top-ranked future The King of Fighters event and the largest competition in terms of prize money The King of Fighters 15 will take place from February 3 to February 4, 2023.

Final Words :-

However, you must first get a bingo pattern with three patterns vertical, horizontal, and diagonal in order to be certain of getting the KOF skin.

And it’s feasible that the KOF Skin will make a comeback sometime in 2023, possibly even before the new year if the prediction is made in light of the prior occurrence.

As gamers, all we have to do is wait for the KOF Event to happen this year or the year after. The reason is that, even if KOF is not releases, you can still anticipate a new Mobile Legends x Star Wars collaboration that will be release this year.

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