One Piece Odyssey Why Eye Lashes Enlisted Quest Guide

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One Piece Odyssey Why Eye Lashes Enlisted
One Piece Odyssey Why Eye Lashes Enlisted

One Piece Odyssey Why Eye Lashes Enlisted:

To create a scent that improves women’s appeal, Eye-Lashes needs materials. The Aroma and Armor store in Nanohana sells fragrances.

Enter the store and speak with the young woman at the counter. Ask her for the perfume. Return to Alubarna Palace Square after that.

It is necessary to visit Alubarna during Chapter 3 in order to begin this quest. It’s crucial to remember that even if you get at Alubarna during Chapter 2, the task won’t be accessible until Chapter 3. So, start Chapter 3 and continue until your reach Alabasta, then quickly travel to Alubarna.

You may always check out our tutorial here if you need some pointers and strategies for travelling quickly in One Piece Odyssey. As illustrated on the accompanying map, after you arrive in Alubarna, head to the southernmost Save Point. From there, walk a few metres east to find the task giver (a guy standing next to a camel).

How to Find Location:

In Alubarna, there is a booth known for its lotions that is fairly well-known. Return to the city quickly and go to the northwest corner. For more precise information, look at the following map.

When you arrive at the proper location, search for a fat woman speaking to a man while wearing a blue shirt. Find out from the man that the lotions were all purchased by the maid. You need move quickly to grab the maid and ask her to offer you some lotion as she should be anywhere in the palace square right now. The maid’s position is shown on the following map, in case you wish to avoid wasting time looking for her in the square. Help the maid out; it appears that she is having a problem with some robbers.

The maid offers to reward you with some of the well-liked lotion because the fight will be simple.

Find the Royal Palace Maid to Get the Lotion:

Afterward, discuss purchasing the lotion with the NPC street vendor. She’ll let you know that royal palace maid has purchased all of the goods. On the southeast side of the Alubarna next to the stairs is where you may find the Royal Palace Maid. She is besieg by robbers when you arrive, as you will witness. Combat with them.

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