Fortnite new Lucien West Bundle in the Item Shop

Fortnite new Lucien West Bundle: It has taken a while for Fortnite update v23.20 to arrive. In Chapter 4 Season 1, this is the second significant change. There are a lot of leaks to talk about, but the map hasn’t changed significantly.

Having said that, gamers soon will be able to spot the adversary, conjure a bush out of thin air, and dress up as none other than Isaac Clarke. Here are the significant feature updates and adjustments coming to Fortnite version 23.20 without further ado.

The rumoured partnership with Dead Space has been verified. It will have a cosmetic package including one costume, two back accessories, a pickaxe, and one built-in emote.

Fortnite new Lucien West Bundle
Fortnite new Lucien West Bundle

Sadly, this bundle contains real money. It won’t be an item that players can get using V-Bucks. But there is a bright side. Players will be able to earn up to 1,500 V-Bucks by completing tasks after purchasing the package. So it’s a win-win situation.

New NPCs are sure to come on the island as Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is continuously changing.

Fortnite new Lucien West Bundle

Renegade Shadow, who debuted as a skin in Chapter 2 Season 2, will now appear as an NPC in the game.

The community is overjoyed that two new skins have been added to the file. The first one goes by the name of Lucien West and is probably connected to the vampire hunters that are active this season. The second character, Rift Warden Stellan, is almost certainly going to be the season’s adversary. Both should soon be offered in the Item Shop.

In Chapter 4 Season 1, reality has been shattered, and rift encounters are becoming frequent. On the island, they can arrive at any time and anywhere.

Three new Rift Encounters have been added to Fortnite as of update v23.20. Bunker Jonesy, Jonesy The First, and Peely, respectively, will appear in them.

Lucien West Bundle:

The game now has five additional Reality Augments. Most of the time, they combine combat and usefulness. Once the downtime is over, they should go live. The new augmentations are listed below.

Even though Hurdling had issues in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, the devs had already started working on including the mechanics in the Save The World game. This mechanic will be quite helpful because players travel over a lot of open terrains.

Many players never had the chance to try out Deku’s Smash Mythic in-game because it was withdrawn before the partnership with My Hero Academia could officially terminate.

Epic Games may have plans to re-activate the item in the game at some point soon, according to leakers.

During the v23.20 update, two new items were added to Fortnite. To mark items, targets, and locations on a map, use the first tool, which is referred to as Falcon Scout. This will incorporate a cooldown feature. It will also have the ability to pick up Reboot Cards and Knocked Teammates.

The cosmetic (wrap) that is a part of the Stranger Things bundle in-game was modified during Fortnite version 23.20, according to leakers. While not unusual, this could indicate that the cosmetics will soon be released from the vault.

New Lucien West Bundle:

The Big Bush Bomb is the title of the second item. As the name implies. When used. The object will be flung, and a sizable bush will appear in its place. Using the Bush Warrior Augment, players will be able to take cover in the bushes to heal or surprise opponents.

It is reported that Fortnite will release a new Icon Series skin featuring The Kid Laroi later this month. The song “Stay” will be featured in an emote as well. Later this month, there will also be an in-game concert in addition to cosmetics.

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