Fire Emblem Engage S rank support – How to Reach

Fire Emblem Engage S rank support: Support talks. Which use of dialogue between characters to develop a game’s characters, has been a mainstay of the Fire Emblem series for a very long time. Some games even let you form unique ties with the characters, get married, and have children. You can get married in Fire Emblem Engage because it features these. Which are frequently referred to as S-rank supports. However, how can one become an S-rank with their waifu or husbando?

Be cautious that you can’t marry everyone before rushing to wed a particular character. There are restrictions since some characters are minors or have close blood ties.

Fire Emblem Engage S rank support
Fire Emblem Engage S rank support

You can get characters to have A-rank support by having them engage in close combat with one another and by giving them gifts that you may purchase from the merchant in Somniel. This will allow you to attain S-Rank support. But you’ll need a unique artifact known as a Pact Ring to advance to S-rank support. Only after finishing the Connector paralogue quest at the end of Engage is it possible to obtain this ring. There are optional missions called “paralogues” that you can complete for additional prizes.

Fire Emblem Engage S rank support

The Pact Ring will be kept in your room in Somniel’s Momento Drawer. Once you’ve completed this paralogue and obtained it. You can use it by removing it from the drawer and then going in search of the character you want to give it to. A unique scene will appear whenever you give the Pact Ring to the character you desire to share an S-rank with. The only gameplay change is a boost to that character’s dodge and critical rate.

Beyond this, not much is left to do. There aren’t any child units as in other Fire Emblem games, and marriage and S-ranks don’t really affect gameplay all that much. The gameplay places a far greater emphasis on tactics than on romance.

With the release of Fire Emblem Engage on the Nintendo Switch, Fire Emblem Fates became a Twitter trend. Fans’ unfavorable comparisons of Fates to the most recent installment, Engage, was the reason the game became popular. Despite the positive reviews Fire Emblem Engage has received for its entertaining gameplay and fanservice, many people felt that the game’s plot was weak. When Fate was made available for the Nintendo 3DS in 2016, the same critique was made about it.

Engage S rank support:

Many Fire Emblem fans dislike how the title concentrated more on the waifu-bait side of the series than on developing a strong narrative, which has made Fates an increasingly divisive title within the community. The game’s narrative also received harsh criticism for having illogical story beats and a skewed perspective on the conflict. Players worry that Engage’s lacklustre narrative is an indication that the show is reverting to a template akin to Fates. This rekindled debates regarding Fates, with some fans online claiming that the game is the worst in the series while others defended it.

The unflattering comparison is also made because the last Fire Emblem game, Three Houses, received plaudits for its engaging plot and gameplay. Many players were hopeful that Engage would maintain the life-sim themes and memorable characters that were introduced in Three Houses. Some fans wonder if Engage is a mainstream game because it focuses more on tactical gameplay than life-sim elements.

Fire Emblem Engage S rank support:

When Fron 24 on Reddit released Engage’s credits, he found that hardly anybody from Three Houses contributed to the project. While Engage was nearly entirely created by IS with a team that was identical to the Fates team. Three Houses were primarily developed by a team from Koei Tecmo in collaboration with Intelligent Systems. Fans’ comparison of Engage to Fates may be justified by the fact that the development crew for the Three Houses and Engage was distinct.

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