One piece Odyssey Yaya Cube – ALL 99 Yaya Cube Locations

One piece Odyssey Yaya Cube: Do you have trouble locating Yaya Cubes? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. The One Piece Odyssey Yaya Cubes guide we’ve developed explains what they are and where to find them. This guide will be updated as new Yaya Cube sites are found. To ensure that you never miss a Yaya Cube, we advise you to bookmark this page and check back frequently.The brand-new One Piece RPG, One Piece Odyssey, is based on the same-named manga and anime series.

The game has a sizable open area and has graphics that are both immersive and authentic to the inspiration. The Straw Hat Crew is followed as your favourite anime is brought to life in the campaign.

One piece Odyssey Yaya Cube
One piece Odyssey Yaya Cube

One Piece Odyssey Yaya Cube – ALL 99 Yaya Cube Locations

We’ll list the places where you can find yaya cubes from One Piece Odyssey. Please check back soon since we’ll keep this list updated as more yaya cube sites are found!

Area of Dressrosa City

Cube Dressrosa City South, under a barrel by the side of the dilapidated road, is location one.
Cube Just past Yaya Cube, in a box, is number two: Dressrosa City South. Yaya Cube, one 3 Dressrosa City South, on the deteriorating road, just before you arrive Yia Cube 1
Cube 4 Dessrosa City East, Yaya Cube, by the side of the crumbling road 5. Dressrosa City East. Once more on the side of the deteriorating road, next to Yaya Cube 4.
The Cube 6 – Dressrosa City Old Residential District – next to the blue flowerbed’s little wall
Sequence Cube 7 – Dressrosa City East – in a box, by a wheelbarrow of boxes
New Cube 8 – New Royal Plateau’s foot, as measured by a stone fence wall.

The Cube 10 is located by a burning tiny stone fence in a box at the foot of the New Plateau.

Dressrosa City:

A Cube 11: Foot of the Royal Plateau is in a box by a cart of crates on the road.
N.R.P. Elevator 12 Cube in a box on a dilapidated road
N.R.P. Elevator  Cube 13 is in a box close to a smouldering mound of concrete.
Here Cube 14 is located adjacent to more debris at the foot of the New Royal Plateau.
Next Cube 15 is located at the foot of the New Royal Plateau close to a wall and a striped red and white building.

A 16 Cube is located close to several small steps at the foot of the New Royal Plateau. Y Other Cube 17 is located in the “Old” Royal Plateau Area, below a toppled umbrella.
Coliseum Path,

Awaited Cube 18, close to some boxed crates by the side of the road.
Another Cube 19 is located on the opposite side of the street from Yaya Cube 18, along the Coliseum Path.

One piece Odyssey:

And Another Cube 21 is located on Coliseum Path next to a roadside pop-up shop.
And other Cube 22 is located in a box by an archway on Dressrosa Main Street.
Before and after passing over the archway, turn to the side at Yaya Cube 23 on Dressrosa Main Street.

Yaya Cube 24 is located by the side of the road on Dressrosa Main Street.

One Dock

Yaya Cube 1 – Scaffolding for shipbuilding – on a piece of grass, underneath wooden decks
Yia Cube Two: Shipbuilding Scaffolding: the area under wooden stairs
Yeya Cube Three – Shipbuilding Scaffolding – at the top of the wooden scaffolding, at the centre of the map’s right side.
The Yaya Cube Material Depot, number 4, is in the corner of the middle floor.
Yea Cube The fifth floor’s Material Depot is located at Yaya Cube 4’s opposite end.
Yiya Cube Material Depot, located in a green container.
Next Yia Cube The Material Depot is located below Dock One to the right, concealed in a barrel by a railing fence.

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