New World PTR Patch Notes Leaderboard Feedback

New World PTR Patch Notes: Salutations, Explorers! We keep working to provide a variety of continuing new features, content. And adjustments since Aeternum is an universe that is constantly changing. We are getting close to the release of Leaderboards and would like to extend an invitation to everyone to take part in the upcoming cycle of our Public Test Realm (PTR) much like the preparations for our most recent major update.

New World PTR Patch notes
New World PTR Patch Notes

New World PTR Patch Notes

A restricted server set called the Public Test Realm (PTR) offers a sneak preview of impending features. These preview builds are not final versions. You might run across bugs, crashes, missing text, or other problems. They are rather snapshots of impending major releases. We expect to identify and fix any significant issues before they affect the live servers through a combination of our internal testing procedures and your feedback. The complete release notes will be made available on release day. Hundreds of changes have already been implemented, and more are on the way. Not every bug or piece of feedback will, however, be fixed before release. Certain changes require more time for investigation and may appear in a subsequent patch or two.

All newly generated PTR characters will have the option to instantly level to specific level ranges equipped with the proper equipment in order to aid in the feedback process.
January 19, at 1 PM PDT. The PTR will formally launch. We’d love to hear your input on our PTR sub-forum if you run into a bug or exploit. Or if you have ideas to make a feature or piece of content better (you can also utilise our in-game feedback tool). Prior to the content update reaching our live servers. We will try to address as much of your input as we can. Your participation will enable us to continue providing fantastic updates and material in the future!

Client access to PTR:

Downloads of this unique test client will be made possible via the standalone Steam programme “New World Public Test Realm” (which should already be in your Steam library if you own the main game). The PTR world will go down and might be completely erased after the test time is up and the main New World game has been updated with the preview material. The New World PTR application will stay in your Steam library, but there won’t be a live server until the following time we make a public test announcement.


Players on the PTR will receive several caches of unique gear and weaponry when they create a character. Each cache is assigned a name depending on its main attribute and general build, which are CON, DEX, INT, FOC, and STR.

Do not open all of the given caches at once to avoid becoming burdened by the unexpected influx of additional stuff! Equip all of the available bags instead, and then follow up by purposefully opening each cache. You can drop or deposit any unwanted caches into your own settlement storage.


We are interested in your playtest input on the following improvements during this iteration of the PTR. The first few levels of New World have been totally revamped. So anyone starting the game or creating a new character will encounter all-new tasks and stories. The following modifications were made as a result of player input about quest diversity. AI variation. More streamlined questlines with less back and forth, and greater storytelling in the early game stages:

With NPCs who wander about and a main plot line that leads players through each area of the game while unlocking side content to pace out the experience. Quest flow through zones has been streamlined.

Numerous new quest dynamics have been introduced, including wave events. Tracking and traversal difficulties. Ruins puzzles. One-of-a-kind world interactions and dynamic events that players will experience.

In order to maintain the focus on the main plot, we redesigned onboarding, introducing King Arthur’s legacy in Monarch’s Bluffs and a curse and hunger from the sorceress Medea in Windsward. The Hermit Yonas will still be the starting point for those who want to become Soulwardens. But Everfall now has all of the Yonas tasks.

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