PUBG Mobile Global 2.5 Update Download link

PUBG Mobile Global 2.5 Update: Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has recently rolled out some major updates on its game. One of these updates is call Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds global 2.5 version. This update had introduced numerous new features in the game. This has made PUBG MOBILE a more advanced game. There are also updates that are made to the game on a regular basis.

PUBG Mobile Global 2.5 Update Download link
PUBG Mobile Global 2.5 Update Download link


After much anticipation, the game’s 2.4 finally began. This time, a lot of things have been added, mainly features and content. Details are required are really delighted and eager to take it all in. As per usual, the developers think of some creative ideas and flawlessly carry them out to make the 2.4 upgrades the finest possible in every manner. Some users are looking for updates for the game’s upcoming 2.5 version after the 2.4 upgrades.

PUBG Mobile Global 2.5 Update:

On January 6th, the 2.4 upgrades were issue. The 2.5 update will thus be deliver after two months, or in the middle of March 2023, according to estimates based on the in-game structure and other factors. Download the updated version as soon as possible to use the new features if you’re one of the players who is still waiting to play.

PUBG Mobile Global 2.5 Update M20 Royale Pass Rewards:

After M19 has ended, there will be the Monthly M20 Royale Pass. Players should thus anticipate receiving it presumably inside the second half of February. Grab the Royale pass before it expires. As usual, players have two options to purchase the pass: 360 UC for the Premium Pass and 960 UC for the Premium Pass Plus. The M20 Royale Pass benefits are list below:

PUBG Mobile Global 2.5 Update Download link
PUBG Mobile Global 2.5 Update Download link
  • RP 1>>  Mosin-Nagant Bunny Uniform Set with Gilded Dragon Bone
  • RP 5>> The Bunny Mission Card and Uniform Cover
  • RP 10>> 500 BP and a gaudy knockout backpack.
  • RP 15>> Jolly Momente emote, RP Avatar (M20), and Stone Figure Ornament are include.
  • RP 20>> Parachute for Cyber Detective and stun grenade for Gilded Tower
  • RP 23>> Football fever cover.
  • RP 25>> Set with RP Badge for Football Fever (M20)
  • RP 30>> Rash Shark Buggy, so one emote (animation not revealed yet)
  •  RP 35>> Cosmic Ruin, UMP 45
  • RP 40>>  DBS Telescopic Fist
  • RP 50>>  Unique sets.

PUBG Mobile Global 2.5 Update Download link:

Details about PUBG Mobile

How does PUBG MOBILE work? One island, one winner, and 100 opponents. Maintain your equipment, vehicles, and weaponry. Get rid of all the adversaries. Your region will decrease by 88 km, forcing you and your rivals into zone X. Choose where you will arrive by plane, then move quickly to locate the greatest supplies and weapons. Surviving won’t be simple.

As we all know, PUBG Mobile is an action game that is full of excitement. PUBG Mobile is a battle royal game that means that you fight against 99 other players. The game is developed by PUBG corporation and it is published by Tencent Games. This Downloads will help you how to download PUBG Mobile latest version on your device.

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