One Piece Odyssey Travelling Outfit Set – How to Unlock

One Piece Odyssey Travelling Outfit Set: As the Straw Hat Pirates attempt to reclaim their lost skills. Players can relive earlier exploits of the Straw Hat Pirates through the narrative of One Piece Odyssey. In addition. Veteran fans can add even more nostalgia by purchasing the original character garb from the start of the story. Thus, we’ll explain how to obtain the travelling attire in One Piece Odyssey if you’re interested in these cosmetics.

In One Piece Odyssey. Pre-ordering the game is the only way to obtain the starting party’s travelling attire. As a result. Customers who did not place a pre-order are not currently eligible to claim these cosmetics. Fortunately. There’s still a chance that these clothes could someday be purchased individually as a part of a DLC package, but we’ll have to wait until additional details are verified.

One Piece Odyssey Travelling Outfit Set
One Piece Odyssey Travelling Outfit Set

One Piece Odyssey would come with travel attire for Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Chopper, and Robin if you were to get the opportunity to preorder it. Players will also receive 100,000 Berries, 10 Energy Apples, 10 Excite Apples, 3 Golden Jelly, and 10 Energy Apples as bonuses.

One Piece Odyssey:

Once you have the clothing. You can change into a different attire by interacting with the tent at a campsite or by speaking to a bartender at a tavern. Players can then choose any character and view a variety of travel attire.

For instance. Sanji can don his classic black suit and blue dress shirt from his anime and manga debut. Which is different from his New World Challenge garb.
The One Piece Odyssey Deluxe Edition. Which costs $84.99, also entitles players to the Sniper King’s Traveling Outfit Set for Usopp in addition to the pre-order goodies. This bundle includes the basic game, the Adventure Expansion Pack (the future DLC). And the Adventure Expansion Pack Bonus of 100,000 Berries.

Although Brook and Franky’s trip attire cannot be purchased. Gamers can get it through game play. All you need to do is visit Madam Trade in the northern side of Waford to swap the Yaya Cubes. A collector item discovered on your excursions. This place is one of the initial stops in One Piece Odyssey. And after fast travel is unlocked. Players will have free access to it.

Players who buy the $84.99 One Piece Odyssey Deluxe Edition will also receive the Sniper King’s Traveling Outfit Set for Usopp in addition to the pre-order goodies. The Adventure Expansion Pack (the future DLC), the Adventure Expansion Pack Bonus of 100,000 Berries, and the core game are all included in this bundle.

Due to its widespread appeal. One Piece Odyssey is currently the most well-liked JRPG available. Fans of One Piece can embark on a brand-new journey with the turn-based gameplay. Outfits are one of the numerous entertaining additions that players may employ to give their Straw Hat party members a fresh look.

Travelling Outfit Set:

Thankfully, in One Piece Odyssey. Players won’t need to finish tasks or engage in other in-game actions to obtain them. There is a catch, though. Other than the basic set of clothing that are already included in the game. Which can only be obtained through pre-orders or the Deluxe Edition. It’s unfortunate that players will have to purchase a more expensive version in order to own them all.

To sum up the Straw Hats’ standard uniform consists of the New World Challenge Outfits. The Travelling Outfits are only available to Standard Edition owners who pre-ordered the game; however, since the ship has sailed, it is now impossible to obtain them without purchasing the Deluxe Edition.

One Piece Odyssey is available on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

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