Persona 3 Portable Vs Fes – 8 Biggest Differences

Persona 3 Portable Vs Fes: When it was revealed that Persona 3, Persona 4. And Persona 5 would finally end the exclusivity of the PlayStation system by being released on the Xbox Series X|S, PC. And PlayStation 5, Persona fans and JRPG enthusiasts rejoiced. After Persona 4 Golden was launched for the PC in 2020. Persona enthusiasts believed it was only a matter of time until these Persona games were played abroad.

It was unclear which version of Persona 3 would be picked. Even though Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5 Royal were anticipated to represent P4 and P5. Respectively, in the event. Persona went multiplatform. Persona 3 received two updates in Persona 3 FES, which stands for “festival,” for the PlayStation 2 and Persona 3 Portable, which was released on the PlayStation Portable. The decision by Atlus to choose Portable as the P3 representative raises the following issues: What advantages does Portable offer over FES, and what will fans be missing out on by being unable to play FES.

Persona 3 Portable Vs Fes
Persona 3 Portable Vs Fes

As soon as a new playing starts, the first significant change between the two versions of P3 becomes apparent. The animation cutscenes that were in the original P3 and FES are not present in Portable. Instead, dialogue from in-game conversations or still images are used to act out scenes from cutscenes. This may cause meaningful experiences to seem disappointing in comparison.

Portable Vs Fes:

Even while each anime cutscene may still be viewed on portable players and there are web guides that specify when to watch each one, this still interferes with the immersion. Now that the PSP’s hardware won’t be an obstacle. Hopefully, the forthcoming edition of Portable will contain the anime cutscenes.

The overworld navigation shows the hardware limits of the PSP. Navigating Gekkoukkan High School and the larger Tatsumi Port Island are similar to P4 and P5 in FES. Except it is done in an explorable 3D setting.

Portable Vs Fes Portable:

However, menus are used in Portable to navigate the world. The player must move their cursor over people or objects in order to interact with them because each location is represented in two dimensions. Dungeons, which are still completely drawn in 3D outside of the entrance to Tartarus, are exempt from this and only apply to the overworld’s daily existence.

The main dungeon in P3 is Tartarus. The Dark Hour, which starts at 12 a.m. and lasts for one hour, is the only time Tartarus emerges. Each Dark Hour, the protagonist and their friends—all members of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES)—explore the various floors of Tartarus that are created procedurally.

The Tired condition is the most important modification to Tartarus. During Tartarus exploration in P3 and FES, the party members would become more and more worn out. A party member’s performance in battle suffers more and more the more exhausted they become. When a character leaves Tartarus, their tiredness condition in Portable changes. The only thing that gamers should be concerned about is making sure their characters are rested before returning to Tartarus.

Easy and Normal were the two levels of difficulty that P3 initially offered. The enemy damage is reduced on Easy difficulty, and the player begins the game with 10 Plumes of Dusk, which resurrect the party in the event of a game-over.

Persona 3 Portable:

Hard is a new difficulty setting added by FES that ups enemy damage from Normal and makes it more likely that enemies will start a battle with an “Enemy Advantage.” Beginner and Maniac were included as two new levels of difficulty in Portable. Players receive 30 Plumes of Dusk from Beginner in addition to Easy’s reduced enemy damage. Maniac forces players to start over with nothing from a prior playthrough and boosts enemy damage and Enemy Advantage chances from Hard.

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