Persona 4 Golden Void Quest-Complete Details

Persona 4 Golden Void Quest: In Persona 4, there is a quest that players can import. This quest is called the void quest and the details of this quest have been released people are starting to wonder what is going on with the void quest in Persona 4 and how it can be completed.

Persona 4 Golden Void Quest
Persona 4 Golden Void Quest

Persona 4 Golden Void Quest

Every floor is referre to as a “Chapter,” as you should immediately realize. It will be a little difficult to get through the third chapter. A number of “+” sections contain three dead ends. Depending on which direction you went, take the left or right dead end to go to the next “+” section that is to the left or right of you.

Persona 4 Golden- Almighty Hand and the Killing Hand

When you approach an intersection in Chapter 7, the camera will suddenly turn, trying to confuse you. You don’t necessarily need to reverse your direction of travel simply because the camera has moved. On this floor, the boss fight should be in the northwest.

Persona 4 Golden- Strategy

It’s a tad complicated, this battle. You would believe that getting rid of Almighty Hand is the right move since it can heal Killing Hand. Killing Hand can call out a fresh Almighty Hand if Almighty He is destroyed. Almighty Hand is defeated or knocked down by Magarula when Killing Hand is harmed. Assuming the curing has ended, hopefully, you’ll deal enough damage and kill Killing Hand. If you want to discover the Orb of Darkness after the battle, look in the chest behind them. the next “Chapter” is up the stairs.

Persona 4 Golden Mitsuo the Hero/Shadow Mitsuo:

The last boss is located on the tenth floor, sometimes referred to as “Endgame.” The Orb of Darkness from of the previous boss battle is require to unlock it.

Persona 4 Golden -Skills

  • Setup of Character: Exoskeleton
  • Fight: Moderate deals Significant bodily harm to one party member
  • Gigadyne is a spell that does a massive amount of damage to the whole party.
  • Item: Bomb – Deals damage and exhaustion to one member of the group.
  • Dekaja: The whole party’s stat advancements are cancell.
  • enemy fire resistance with a red wall
  • White Wall: Ice defence against adversaries
  • Blue Wall: Resistance to opponent electricity
  • Wind resistance for the green wall
  • Mabufula: Deals the whole party Moderate Ice damage.
  • Zionga: One party member suffers moderate electric damage.
  • Mazionga: Deals the whole party Moderate Electric damage.
  • Garula: One member of the party suffers moderate wind damage.
  • Moderate Wind damage is dealt to the whole party by Magarula.
  • To the whole party, Megidola deals Heavy Almighty damage.
  • Stagnant Air: All of the party is more susceptible to illness
  • One party member is frighten by an evil touch.
  • Fear spreads among the group with an evil smile.
  • Ghastly Wail: Kills party members who are suffering from the Fear disease right away.
  • Injury to one party member as a result of an attack
  • Build your shell now, in a low voice.
  • Keep creating the shell, repeat
  • The whole shell, please

All bosses in the game are now grant two turns of movement each. If you aren’t a high level, Shadows Mitsuo will be bit of a difficult boss encounter. The actual boss is shield by a protective shell, and it is immune to all elements. You must breach the boss’s outer shell in order to kill him, and you must do it before the shell begins to repair.

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