One Piece Odyssey’s Lucci First Appearance Cutscene

One Piece Odyssey’s Lucci First Appearance Cutscene: A video game for the Nintendo 3DS system called One Piece: Unlimited World Red is based on the anime series One Piece. The second 3DS game following Unlimited Cruise SP, this is the fourth title in the Unlimited series. On July 8, 2014, the Wii U, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita received an improved game port. On August 24, 2017, a deluxe edition of the game was made available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

The gameplay is the same as in other games in the Unlimited series, including butterfly fishing and hunting. On the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, this game can be played by up to four people, but on the Wii U and PlayStation 3, it can only be played by two players. The game also has DLC available.

One Piece Odyssey's Lucci First Appearance Cutscene
One Piece Odyssey’s Lucci First Appearance Cutscene

The controls have altered considerably from One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP. The Square and Triangle buttons are used for attacking in Unlimited World Red. While the Circle button is utilised for jumping. The X button can now be used to guard against. Deflect, and block enemy strikes. Whereas Unlimited Cruise SP could only accomplish the former. Additionally. There has been a change in how the SP gauge for special attacks is employed. In contrast to Unlimited Cruise SP. Where the gauge depleted as soon as a special attack was used, the gauge in this game is initially empty and the player must fill it up in order to perform special attacks.

First Appearance Cutscene Characters:

Garp and Sengoku are talking about “Red Count” Redfield, a former pirate who was liberated by Blackbeard during his raid on Impel Down two years ago, and who was on par with Whitebeard and Roger in their primes but less well-known. Due to his predilection for working by himself, he is also known as “Red the Aloof.” Aokiji and Smoker appear to be helping Red, who is at this point assaulting a fleet of Marine battleships. Red affirms that he is working by himself despite the situation. And that’s when he understands he’s lost something.

The scene shifts to the Straw Hat Pirates and Pato travelling toward Transtown, a settlement on an island that is an “Island of Promises.” The pen Pato. Which can transform into a tanuki. Demonstrating its capacity to construct any object by drawing a telescope on a leaf. Bringing them to an island that Luffy described as “having the aroma of tremendous adventures” is his way of paying back the Straw Hats for saving him after being “fished up” by them. With them, Pato will split off to meet someone on the island. As the Straw Hats divided into groups to replenish their supplies. Luffy ventured out on his own. He should meet up there. According to NAMI.

One Piece Odyssey’s Lucci:

While investigating, Luffy comes across a woman being harassed by goons who demand payment for “guard the island” even though they have never been asked to. Intervening and beating the thugs, Luffy. Yadoya, the woman, thanks Luffy and provides him with supper at her inn, where he then takes a nap. False Sanji, Usopp, and Robin impersonators kidnap the other Straw Hats in the meantime. After Luffy awakens, Pato rushes to the scene and tells Luffy what he had seen, inspiring him to save them. Before he leaves, Yadoya vows that if Luffy and his pals do her a favour, she won’t have to pay the inn fee.

Pato and Luffy head to a place Luffy seems to recall as Punk Hazard. The dragon he meets and kills is the same one Zoro and he killed earlier, but it vanishes before Luffy can consume it. He and Pato come across Caesar Clown after navigating the island’s fire and ice sides. He challenges them to a duel but loses to Smiley. Before Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum to knock Caesar away, Pato finds Zoro and Franky. Before Luffy claims that they and the other Straw Hats were abducted, Zoro and Franky claim they woke up there after taking a nap aboard the Thousand Sunny. The three of them are compelled to fulfil their pledge to Yadoya once they return to the inn.

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