Break from Destiny Tower of Fantasy 2023

This guide will assist players in break from Destiny Tower of Fantasy that they may come across when exploring the strange planet of Tower of Fantasy. Cracked rock walls are geological phenomena that players will discover as they travel around the game’s extraterrestrial planet. While it is feasible to break these obstructions and get sufficiently close to what lies past, a standard weapon won’t get the job done. For sure, to annihilate broken rock walls in Tower of Fantasy, players will require something uniquely great, and this guide will make sense of how to get it.

Wanderers will require an SR Relic known as Missile Barrage to break out from Destiny Tower of Fantasy. When this gadget is used, it will spawn behind the user before launching numerous missiles at surrounding enemy targets. In Tower of Fantasy, this Relic delivers a basic damage percentage of 34.8% of ATK with each blow.

Break from Destiny Tower of Fantasy

How to Break from Destiny Tower of Fantasy

Players must earn the Missile Barrage in order to break through the Destiny Tower of Fantasy rock barriers. This Artifact is opened in Ruin A-01, a spot open to allowed-to-play MMORPG players as they go through Tower of Fantasy’s primary mission. When players gain Missile Barrage, they will also receive a quick lesson on how to use it, and they will be ready to begin breaching rock barriers as soon as they accomplish their objectives in the Ruin and return outdoors.

It’s worth noting that there’s a fractured rock wall not far from Ruin A-01 that’s perfect for testing out Missile Barrage. This wall is strikingly found quickly northwest of the Ruin’s entry, and Tower of Fantasy characters will move toward it by crossing a little waterway and following the street on the opposite side. At the point when you show up at these broken rocks, press the keybind for Rocket Flood, which is demonstrated in the base right corner of the screen, and watch as the Artifact releases its obliteration.

Break from Destiny Tower of Fantasy

Break from Destiny Tower of Fantasy

Chests are frequent in terms of what Tower of Fantasy players may uncover beyond the broken rock walls that they break from Destiny Tower of Fantasy. These chests are probably going to contain Gold and different monetary forms, and opening them might win fans some investigation focuses. Considering that it is so natural to move beyond rock walls, players shouldn’t miss these opportunities to acquire a few simple compensations during their experiences.

Cracked rock walls are an environmental barrier in Tower of Fantasy that prevents access to different secret spots around the landscape. These hidden locations frequently contain riches within their fissures, giving important goods that might aid Wanderers on their trip. After coming across and attempting to break through these boulders, new players will realize that the stones are indestructible and cannot be removed with ordinary weaponry. Fortunately, the key to breaching these cracked rock wall hurdles in Tower of Fantasy is a gadget that Wanderers will acquire in a crucial moment during the game’s main plot.

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