River City Girls 2 Trophy Guide

River City Girls 2 Trophy Guide:

Here is our guide to the River City Girls 2 trophies. The gals and guys are back in this River City spin-off sequel to deliver. Another humiliating pounding to the Yakuza that they won’t soon forget. Marian and Provide join them in this fresh round of street fighting. As they battle and enjoy the city in search of new foes, locations, and much more!

River City Girls 2 Trophy Guide
River City Girls 2 Trophy Guide

You should bear a few things in mind as you plan your trophy run for River City Girls 2 as we go over them in our trophy guide. Almost all are broad generalizations based on data we’ve acquired and observations from past games.

River City Girls 2 Trophy Guide:

Platinum-River City Girls 2 Trophy:

  • Get every trophy in “River City Girls 2” to prove that Sequels are always Preferable.


Gold-River City Girls 2 Trophy:

  • The Completionist: Achieved a perfect score


Silver-River City Girls 2 Trophy:

  • Let’s take a break: Prepared
  • Funky: Way too hip to go to school!
  • We weren’t kittens with these treasures, but rather a purr-fect collection!
  • Autumn Moon: Following Dark, Deadlier…
  • Take us all the way to the spot I adore, then take a picture of me there
  • Time absolutely slipped my mind when I was visiting River City.
  • Imossible: Stopped the Sabu Clan chief in his tracks


Bronze-River City Girls 2 Trophy:

  • River City Ransom: In this community, someone is constantly in need of assistance.
  • Battle at Little Sanwakai in Tower of Power
  • Power Stones: Nothing remained unbroken
  • I Choose You!: Sought out a former foe from a Hideout for assistance.
  • Stranger’s Danger: The cost of suffering is incalculable
  • What Do You Purchase? You really have an eye for detail,
  • Hoarded your munchies at a Hideout as a Security deposit.
  • This is a conspiracy, Says Cupcake on the Wall. This is what it is.
  • Don’t overlook the possibility of coming back for a Surprise
  • Jumped up and down on a bed.
  • Keep it Safe and Secret:
  • Double Chocolate Donuts: I was late for class and got out of school early.
  • Mall rats: We didn’t find any zombies here.
  • Ignore all your issues: No nicer location, for sure.
  • The gates have indeed been opened, General Rushing!
  • Haunted Places: Refrained from becoming lost in the forests
  • Boney Tasks: Fulfilled a demand for a spooky skeleton monster.
  • Are you skeptical, Uptown World? Observe only
  • Our Hope: By dancing, you conveyed a dream to Mibobo.
  • When you consider it, Shadow Force is quite meta.
  • We are Here to learn about the depth of the rabbit hole
  • Wild Children Fight on the Boardwalk

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  • Have you finished the Shimizu Challenge, Do You Even Lift?
  • Get disguises from a friend or foe, Fashionably friendly?
  • Literally, “back to school”
  • Flame Off!: I was spared some severe burns.
  • The answer is no, You cannot pet the dog. Why even believe you could pull that off?
  • Romance novel: I gave a potential love interest a chance at Burgh’s Books.
  • Cryptid Corner: Amazing discounts discovered
  • Made Milton Proud: It appears that someone is suffering from Mondays.
  • Come to the shore, let’s get together, and have some fun, says the TV dinner!
  • Spirited Away: A buddy who needed help wasn’t saved
  • Mine Right Now: Try to get it
  • A Brief Diversion: It should only have taken a second…
  • Up to No Good: Put an end to some bullies causing mischief in your community.
  • Fighting against an evil that has settled in the woods in the survival horror game
  • It’s Game Time! When Maverick and some adversaries were impaled into the sand.
  • Coming Attractions: Averted an early confrontation with a former adversary.
  • At River City High, A Pathetic Son prevailed in a rematch.
  • Double Cross(ed) Off, Get Da Choppah!
  • Not So Friendly: I promise it wasn’t done on purpose!
  • The gang is present for the River City Brawl.
  • Ab muscles for days: Damsel Dealing Distress
  • Broken Spell: I gave the enchantress a beating for her witchcraft.
  • Trying it Out: Breakdance Battles
  • Ghost in the Machine: Perhaps we should change all of the passwords to something like “kittykitty123”?
  • PREMIUM PLEASURES: Acquired the third emblem


We hope you enjoy our article about River City Girls 2 Trophy. We know that with this knowledge you will be able to guide and complete it to ease.

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