River City Girls 2 Secret Boss Fights + Cutscenes & Ending

River City Girls 2 Secret Boss: As they progress through the game’s story, players will face off against a variety of enemies in River City Girls 2.

But they can also explore the city’s various neighbourhoods to uncover collectibles and Secret Areas in each one. This walkthrough will show you where everything is in River City Girls 2’s Secret Area.

While eliminating the opponents, players can explore River City’s eight distinct regions, each of which contains a unique Secret Area where they can discover a hidden message.

You’ll begin the game as Kyoko in Crosstown by going to the high school there. Following the story’s progression after you leave the school, you will be able to visit the following sites to find the secret area locations.

The first Secret Area is located in River City’s Crosstown neighborhood’s Carousel. You must go to the Carousel and leap onto the platform there. To access the Secret Area and find a Secret Message, press the attack button on the stage.

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River City Girls 2 Secret Boss

Uptown area of River City:

In River City’s Uptown neighbourhood, the Pawn Shop houses the second Secret Area. To remove the consoles from the shelf in front, you must enter the pawn shop. To enter the Secret Area and find the Secret Message, get up from the shelf and push the attack button.

The third Secret Area is located in a back alley in River City’s downtown. You must first travel to downtown, where you must then enter the Back Alley.

Head to the Blue Sofa on the right side and wall jump on the wall in front before jumping again on the wall in the back to reach the wire. To access the Secret Area, move to the left side while standing on the wire and hit the attack button on the roof’s green door.

Flatirons area of River City:

In the Flatirons section of River City, the fourth Secret Area is located behind the Waterfall. To get to a hidden platform, you must proceed to the back of the Waterfall.

Leap twice in the direction of the right side, and then jump once in the other direction. To enter the Secret Area and find the Secret Message, press the attack button.

On the Sand Castle in River City’s Ocean Heights neighbourhood is the sixth secret location. To access the Secret Area where the Secret Message is located, you must first jump up onto the Sand Castle and then punch the castle door.

Technos area of River City:

The sixth Secret Area is located in the VR room in River City’s Technos neighbourhood. The Sheriff may be found on the right side of the saloon if you turn to the right. Go ahead and punch the Sheriff to get a key, then turn left to go to the bathroom. To access the hidden room where the hidden message is located, punch the door.

The Solitary R.C.H.S neighbourhood of River City is home to the eighth Secret Area. A yellow door that opens and closes by itself can be seen as you enter the Solitary. To access the Secret Area, where you can locate the Secret Message, you must hit the attack button while standing outside the entrance.

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