Horizon Massive Nerf on Apex Legends Season 15

Horizon Massive Nerf on Apex Legends Season 15: The new season of Apex Legends is going live, but with a massive Horn of Massive nerf. The new Horn of Massive is not what it used to be. This article will look at the recent Horn of Massive and how much of an effect this nerf will have on the game.

Horizon Massive Nerf on Apex Legends Season 15
Horizon Massive Nerf on Apex Legends Season 15

Horizon Massive Nerf on Apex Legends Season 15:

“I’ve gained Banshee for 15 seasons, sick of her condition and lackluster kit, I’ve chosen to shift my focus to Horizon, that legend is a crutch that really can fly,” they stated.

She makes absolutely NO SOUND while descending off that contraption, which is annoying. I’ve fallen on people’s heads and shot them inside the back without them realizing anything. Ignoring her gravitational lift is possibly the easiest reset in the entire game.

I can practically flank teams, stun them inside the back, and spew Arc stars taking simple hits or cracks,” the fan said. Why does Horizon create almost no sound? Those flaws need to be solved.

Another participant in the chat made reference to Octane, the Legend who caused controversy in the community a few seasons back. “You’ll be crucified for this, but for intelligent people, it makes more sense. Octane had the same problem a few seasons back, they claimed.

The patch notes include information on other features, besides Catalyst and Broken Moon, that will add to Apex Legends Season 15. Players will be able to buy bundles and cosmetic goods for their in-game pals through the much awaited Gifting System. Stickers, a new aesthetic that enables players to affix stickers on healing goods, is also another addition. When Eclipse releases, players will receive free Shattered and Deathbox stickers, while a limited number of Epic Stickers will be unlock.

Season 15 of Horizon has a Hidden Nerf Applied by Respawn:

The Horizon nerf in Apex Legends Season 15 is especially peculiar in that Respawn Software, the game’s creator, kept it a secret at first. Nerfs and boosts for legends are often disclose in the patch notes during new seasons.

This wasn’t the case with Horizon in Season 15, though. Instead, it wasn’t publicly acknowledge until YouTubers such Dazs demonstrate the nerf in use. Players may watch a brief video to observe how Horizon’s tactical knowledge, Gravity Lift. Now functions somewhat differently from how it did in the past.

The YouTuber can see employing Gravity Lift, taking off, and fail to land the majority of his shots. Gravity Lift’s most helpful function is all but gone because this is the opposite of how it used to operate.

There is no need to fret because they are all equivalent in terms of their utility and cooldown. In the area where Horizon sets her tactical, a Gravity Lift is create.

A lot of players throw themself into the air with this ability while standing on it. Making it tougher for their opponents to strike them. The Gravity Lift, on the other hand, enables players to acquire a broad perspective of the surroundings. And take out foes from above.

Where the nerf is use is in the last section. Players’ ability to aim their weapons accurately is now significantly reduce when employing Gravity Lift to hover in the air. Starting today, upon shooting, a tremendous amount of spray is produced.


I am sure that many of you are aware that there has been a massive nerf to the horizon in season 15. I am sure that there are plenty of people who are upset with this. But it is something that we are going to have to live with. Hopefully, Respawn will find a way to make the horizon a bit more enjoyable to use in the next season of Apex Legends.

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