Is New World Dead 2023 – Complete Study

Is New World Dead 2023: One of Amazon Games’ initial forays into the market was New World, which was undoubtedly exciting. Even though it was repeatedly delayed, this large, ambitious new MMORPG was the talk of gamers everywhere for months.

However, the number of people playing New World has significantly decreased given that the initial excitement has long since subsided. Today, we’re going to examine the current state of the game and provide a crucial response to the question, “Is New World Dead?”

Unfortunately, there is a section of the community that believes New World is dying, much like many other games out there. The number of players who are actively playing the game has significantly decreased, but regardless of how amazing a game is, this is a normal part of its lifecycle. Are those who claim that New World is fading true, or does the platform still have a future?

Is New World Dead 2022
Is New World Dead 2023

We’re hopeful, and it doesn’t look like New World is dying just yet.

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Is New World Dead? No.

We can write our response in the simplest possible manner, I believe. No, New World is not dead, and the player base is still strong despite the game’s declining popularity. As with practically any new game, New World had an impressively strong beginning, but as time went on, fewer people played, leaving just the most devoted followers and a steady stream of newcomers. It follows the same lifetime as any top-tier game, such as Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, or Assassin’s Creed.

New World is still active, according to, which keeps track of a game’s current player count. It had a peak player count of 913,027 when it was started, but it has subsequently experienced a sharp drop. This analysis was written with a 30-day peak of 32,064 players. But that was the platform’s largest peak in six months, and the graphs showed a noticeable rise in users over time.

These numbers position New World in the thirty-first spot overall on Steam; if New World were no longer alive, it would be significantly lower on the list. Currently, the question “is Lost Ark dead” is being raised in relation to another Amazon Games-affiliated product.

Do People Still Play New World?

The data presented above demonstrates unequivocally that many individuals will still be playing New World in 2023. However, the game’s social media presence is one area where it falls short. This refers to the fact that hardly anybody is either watching or streaming the game on services like Twitch. This is expected because it fits into the timeline we’ve already defined for the typical lifecycle of a new game. claims that the game’s initial peak viewership was 977,018. On Twitch, the 7-day average viewing now is 2,524. There are games that do worse on social platforms than New World, but it’s undoubtedly a bad situation for any game to be in. Although it must be acknowledged that MMORPGs often do not perform well on streaming services, New World is essentially performing as expected.


In the end, New World continues to grow and develop under the influence of a relatively strong community. A devoted player community is having fun with the game, and the creator, Amazon Games, is consistently releasing updates and enhancements. The roadmap for New World, which AG unveiled in March 2023, comprised a full year’s worth of content, including new locales, excursions, events, items, and features.

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