Hunt Showdown Halloween Event 2023 – Questlines and Rewards

Hunt Showdown Halloween Event 2023: For the very first time this year, there is a Halloween mission in the moody wild frontier shooter Hunt Showdown. You can learn how this is different from very well events. And also what benefits there are in the following article.

The quest system is as follows: The new quest structure will incorporate this year’s Halloween event. This implies that, unlike the relevant events, you don’t merely have to participate in certain activities to get points. Rather, you will now receive a quest with a similar set of requirements to one from a previous Twitch Drop. This grants you skins and items while unlocking one act after another.

Hunt Showdown Halloween Event 2022
Hunt Showdown Halloween Event 2023

The Halloween Events Mission 2023 Rewards are as follows.

Each act of the adventure, which consists of a series of six acts, will earn you a cosmetic. Within the first act 3, there are several weapon skins to choose from. In the final two acts, there is a new famous hunter as well as a charm for your guns.

The Halloween Event Adventure’s first act.


  • Gather 2 Clues.
  • Put fire on six beehives.
  • Break apart 8 pumpkins.
  • Bleed three hunters.


  • Heavy Knife Skeleton Key

To ash and to the bone, respectively. Although this knife is only a hand’s length shorter than a sharpened male femur, it always makes its way directly to its target, unlocking the skin like a key and severing off the vital energy with a swipe of the wrist.

Act 2 of Hunt Showdown’s Halloween Quest


  • Fire 4 Armor, Kill.
  • Blow up 12 pumpkins.
  • Add poison to three hunters.
  • Kill 350 Hunters using incendiary ammunition.
  • Use a skeleton key to kill one hunter.


  • Romero 77 Hatchet, Scapula

This Romero Axe was made in a fit of delusional desperation and became infamous for its involvement in the crimes of a local killer. Its bearer had a horrible new lease on life thanks to its handle made of a severed femur bone and its sword, a polished shoulder blade.

Act 3 of the Halloween Event Quest


  • Poison 6 Hellhounds to death.
  • Bleed three hunters.
  • Hunters receive 300 damage from your high-velocity ammunition.
  • Scapula: Deliver 300 damage to hunters.
  • Red-barreled Gun: Kill One Hunter
  • Blow up 14 pumpkins


  • Bone Shard – Pax Claw of Caldwell

Only a few bone fragments and skin shreds were left behind after the first Hunter perished in the bayou. The fact that their partner lived and preserved their slain companion’s bones in this dangerous Caldwell Pax Claw ensured that they may search together in the future.

Act 4 of Hunt Showdown’s Halloween Quest


  • Kill 8 Poison-Armored Enemies
  • Easily destroy 12 pumpkins in one go.
  • Put Fire on Three Hunters
  • Kill 400 Hunters using poison ammunition.
  • Hunters will suffer 300 damage from the bone shard.
  • Find 4 Boss Lairs.


  • Vetterli 71 Carbine Bayonet, the backbone

A Hunter can conduct a ritual by affixing bones from of the recently deceased to their weapons in order to channel the abilities of the fallen at a steep price. Whether superstition or reality, the holder of this Vetterli displayed magical skill on the field, breaking the bones of numerous others.

Act 5 The Halloween Quest’s fifth


  • Fire 8 Hellhounds to Death
  • 14 pumpkins inside one mission to smash
  • Use a choke bomb to kill six immolators.
  • Use poison on five hunters.
  • Hit Hunters with Exploding Ammo for 450 damage.
  • In a single mission, deal 300 damage against hunters with backbone.
  • Remove 2 Bosses


  • Charming Skull Effigy

Adding even more charm to your weaponry It looks like a tiny amulet made out of leather and a bird’s skull. Any weapon can have it attached to it.

Act 6 of Hunt Showdown’s Halloween Quest


  • One Mission: Crush 16 Pumpkins
  • Scapula 6 Doors, Destroy
  • Give Hunters 450 explosive damage.
  • Use Dumdum ammunition to do 500 damage to hunters.
  • Headshot 2 Rifle-Carrying Hunters
  • Kill three hunters with courage.
  • Use Explosive Damage to eliminate five meatheads.
  • Delete 2 Bounties


  • Mama Maye, a renowned hunter

Her ghostly image is said to be seen attending to the plants and flowers in the greenhouses outside of Lawson, according to local legend. Don’t let her grab you though. If not, you might become her flora’s dinner.

Hunt Showdown in Detail’s first Halloween event mission:

The recognizable pumpkins may still be found in the swamp as part of a new quest even if there isn’t a traditional Halloween celebration like there was last year. If you participate in every event, you’ll also be able to recognize the majority of the rewards. The lone new charm is called “Skull Effigy,” and Mamma Maye, a legendary hunter, is also new. Various weapons were present in the 2020 Halloween Event.

So if like other players, you already own skins displayed, you won’t leave empty-handed. If you already own the genuine reward, exactly like in the first mission series about the famous hunter William Story, you will only receive a random legendary skin.

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