How to fix Warzone Mobile Black Screen Problem 2023

The game Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is the best Fight Royale experience in the Call of Duty establishment. Warzone vehicles, mobility, gunplay, operators, weapons, maps, and more are included. Up to 120 individuals will contend in the game to be the sole survivor. Companions, visit channels, XP, weapon inventories, and other social components are accessible to players. This post will teach you How to fix the Warzone Mobile Black Screen Problem.

How to fix Warzone Mobile Black Screen Problem

Warzone Mobile is a rendition of the game planned especially for mobile gadgets, with mobile-explicit occasions, content, and playlists. Furthermore, there are many customization options to assist both novice and experienced players. 

What is Warzone Mobile Black Screen Problem

This is a problem that is extremely widespread in many games and is both tiresome and unpleasant because it shortens the playing experience. As a result, it is critical to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, as it may arise as a result of a server overload. As you can see, these days are usually quite crowded, and this shooting game has managed to capture a large portion of the public’s attention. However, the issue of internet speed and stability may also be affecting us.

If you suffer app crashes or freezes, or if the program won’t open when you try to run it, here are some troubleshooting actions you may do. Check to verify if the patch worked before moving on to the next one to see whether it resolved your black screen problem. 

Why there is a Warzone Mobile Black Screen Problem

A bug/glitch or server overload has resulted in a blank screen in Warzone Mobile. If so, you ought to hold on until the servers are less blocked. It might also occur if you do not have an active internet connection or if your internet speed is too poor. Other users stated that the problem occurred because they did not enable 2FA.

How to fix Warzone Mobile Black Screen Problem

How to fix Warzone Mobile Black Screen Problem

To determine a black screen in Warzone Mobile, interface with a VPN (for example Australia). You may also experiment with implementing two-factor authentication for your Activision account.

Method 1: Connect to a VPN

  • Introduce a free VPN administration like TunnelBear.
  • Set up a TunnelBear account.
  • Browse your email address.
  • Join a VPN service (e.g. Australia).
  • Close Warzone Mobile, reopen it, and begin playing.

Method 2: Enable two-factor authentication.

  • Navigate to and select the “Login” option.
  • Enter your Activision account information.
  • Select “Privacy & Security” from your profile.
  • Empower two-factor verification by tapping the “Empower two-factor validation” button.
  • To empower 2FA, adhere to the guidelines on the screen.
  • Navigate to Settings > Account > Log out > Continue in Warzone Mobile.
  • Close Warzone Mobile > Disconnect from your VPN > Relaunch Warzone Mobile > Log in
  • Start playing after entering your 2FA code.
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