Fenrir Tower Of Fantasy – New SSR Character

Fenrir Tower Of Fantasy: The newest and hottest gacha game from Level Infinite. Tower of Fantasy. It has debuted a brand-new imitation in the Chinese version of the game. Fenrir. The imitation, is currently playable in the game’s Chinese version.

The video game’s Fenrir is a charming character. She occasionally enjoys doing things she wants to do while she is alone. Such as listening to music and dancing to the beats. Many players find it amazing that one character can have many personalities.

Fenrir Tower Of Fantasy
Fenrir Tower Of Fantasy

This is known as “Happy time” to Fenrir. Additionally, Fenrir appears to have a weakness for the goodies. When facing adversaries, Fenrir transforms into a merciless figure with a chilly personality who can defeat the foe. The name of her weapon is “Gleipnir.”

Tower Of Fantasy Fenrir:

In the gacha community, Tower of Fantasy has been gaining popularity. At first, it was referred to as a rival to other gacha games, such as Genshin Impact. Only players who resided in the CN region could play the game in its early phases. More players. however. Wanted the game to be accessible to players worldwide as its popularity grew and it became clear that it was a little different from the other gacha titles.

The game’s user base is steadily growing thanks to the developers’ enthusiastic comments. Which allowed it to reach a global audience this year. The global version of the game missing contents that were present in the CN region because it launched there before it did elsewhere.

With regard to the Global servers, in particular, Tower of Fantasy has continuously released fresh Simulacrum banners for every version update. Given that CN servers are far ahead of the Global version in terms of content and banners, Hotta Studio has been making sure to keep the Global version moving at a faster rate in order to catch up with the CN version quickly. In light of the foregoing. The estimated release dates for the SSR characters banners for Tower of Fantasy’s upcoming version updates are listed below. Keep in mind that the timeline banner is purely speculative and was created from the CN banner timeline and common rumours spread across the community.

Fenrir Version Tower of Fantasy:

Tower of Fantasy is now running its 2.1 Version, which was just launched on November 22nd, 2022, and is being promoted under Lin’s Simulacrum brand. Lyra and Tian Lang will be released following her banner, in that particular order. Due to the advertising teasers of the version update and the data-mined content, their banner—while based on speculation—is essentially confirmed.

Fenrir is a troubled young man who, by chance, makes Dorothy want to go away and never look back. Despite how collected she may seem, when a parent or other adult is not there, she lets loose just like any other little child. Fenrir is a DPS weapon for Volt.

Characters from the Tower of Fantasy CN Version 2.3 PV may be playable in Version 2.4. Although it is unconfirmed if these characters may even have banners or not, this is just guesswork based on the characters we see in the trailer and their distinctive character designs from the others. Among the well-known individuals included.

The trailer features Rubila, who is said to be Nemesis’ mother. Although it’s been suggested that she could end up as a Boss in upcoming updates, it’s unclear whether she will actually be playable or not. Between Versions 2.2 and 2.3, a Nemesis Rerun may appear.

However, the worldwide edition receives regular updates with lots of intriguing information. In terms of substance, story, and other factors, this is assisting the game in catching up to the CN version. As more updates are released, more Simulacra are gradually added to the game.

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