Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key DMZ Location

Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key DMZ Location: There are many activities to do and mysteries to uncover in the expansive game Call of Duty: Warzone 2. A single one of them is the Kushaak Construction Key. When you initially receive this key, it’s likely that you won’t be able to recognize its purpose or intended use. Continue reading to learn how to use the Warzone 2 Kushaak Construction Warehouse Keys and what it could unlock.

Where to Find Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key DMZ Location
Where to Find Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key DMZ Location

Where to Find Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key DMZ Location:

Head to the Al-Safwa Mines after you have the actual key to discover the door it opens. The upper-left corner of the map is where this location is located. When you arrive, a building with the Kushaak Construction symbol will be there. Your map also shows a marker for this location. This isn’t precisely where you must go, though. Thankfully, the location you desire is close by. The entrance you’re looking for may be found in the quarry proper, a little distance south of a Kushaak Construction building. In the screenshot gallery below, we have indicated where it is located. You will discover the locked door when you arrive. The Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key may be used to open it.

Where to get Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key DMZ:

Obtaining the Warehouse Key for Kushaak Construction is more easier than you would think. You see, there are other ways to get it, but the most straightforward way to achieve it is to do the Convenience contract job under the White Lotus group. Along with other beneficial improvements like experience for the Battle Pass, it provides a prize for accomplishment. Continue completing the White Lotus assignments until the Convenience contract becomes available if you don’t see it right away.

Where to Find Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key DMZ Location
Where to Find Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key DMZ Location

Where to use Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key DMZ:

Utilize the Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key from Warzone DMZ to get entrance to the Al Safwa Quarry. B4 is the location’s coordinate. The Kushaak warehouse is visible when you zoom in on the map next to a quarry. The Kushaak Warehouse has a building that is situat on its southern side. This structure must approach from the south. The location is limit, and guards there to keep it safe. A warehouse entrance for Kushaak construction may found if you approach the structure from the south.

We hope you enjoyed our article about where to find the Kushaak Construction Warehouse key. It can be easy to get lost in a game like Escape from Tarkov and it’s important to know where the keys are. We know that with this knowledge you’ll be able to find the keys and complete the quests with ease.

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