How To Dunk In NBA 2k23 with NEW Dunk Meter & Right Stick

How To Dunk In NBA 2k23: NBA 2K23 can be challenging to play without utilising several distinct in-game mechanics. One is more significant than the others, though. Being effective in 2K23 requires you to have a strong understanding of how to dunk.

Although there are a few tweaks to the dunk animations, the mechanics for dunking are quite similar to 2K22. Players can now choose from a variety of alternatives for how they want their character to slam in a game.         Players can decide whether to dunk with two hands, one powerful hand, one weak hand, a showy technique, or even the option to hang on the hoop after. There are numerous choices.

How To Dunk In NBA 2k23
How To Dunk In NBA 2k23

With real-world physics included in the animations on next-generation consoles, players can manipulate their rim hangs like never before. On their website, 2K provided extensive information regarding this adjustment. Basically, you drive to the basket and push the rim-hang dunk control of your choice, but you always maintain the sprint trigger engaged. Your player will remain hanging on the rim following the dunk for as long as you want.

Dunk In NBA 2k23:

With the option to customise and show off their skills a little bit more in-game, this offers players a fun new way to interact in the game. In my opinion, it’s a victory to let players brag a little more in-game and make the experience truly unique to them.

The best course of action right now is to practise those various dunking mechanics. We have information for you if you’re also curious about the greatest players to employ for a jump shot.

In NBA 2K23, dunks have consistently been a source of highlights and posters. Guards, forwards, and centres can all benefit from dunk packages, which are more varied than ever. Depending on their position, height, weight, and wingspan, different players can make different dunks.


A crucial ability to have in your arsenal is knowing when and how to dunk, which can help you score more points and gain the upper hand mentally over your opponent. Nothing beats energising your opponent and going on a run to take the lead thanks to a big jam over their centre to win the game.

In NBA 2K23, there are two ways to dunk: pushing the shoot button or directing the right stick in the direction of the rim while maintaining sprint trigger pressure.

Your player can go for a slam dunk by pressing the square button on the PS5 or the X button on the Xbox while simultaneously depressing the R2 or RT trigger, depending on the console you’re using.

If you choose that route, you can also do a dunk by pointing the right stick in the direction of the hoop while pressing the R2 or RT trigger.

Update Nba 2k23 Dunk

This year, NBA 2K23 features a dunk counter once more. This is similar to the shot metre in that you must time your slam or layup in a player’s green box. NBA 2K23 requires the shot metre for all finishers, including layups, dunks, and alley-oops, therefore timing is essential for dunks.

The green box will have a range of sizes. A player will have a better probability of making the move if they are in a better position and have a higher dunk rating. It will almost certainly result in a more challenging finish if an opponent is defending the paint.

When attempting to complete dunks close to the hoop, players benefit greatly from traits and specialisations like Fearless Finisher and Lob City Finisher.

Pro Contact Dunks: 84 or more driving dunks and 70 or more vertical Pro Alley-Oop: 70 or more driving dunks and 60 or more vertical Elite Contact Dunks: 92 or more driving dunks and 80 or more vertical Elite Alley-Oop: 85 or more driving dunks and 60 or more vertical

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