Tower of Fantasy Lyra Guide 2023, Stats & Effects, Matrices

Lyra is a pristine SSR character in Tower of Fantasy Lyra. While equipped with Vespers, it is capable of shattering shields as well as doing considerable damage. To get this simulacrum, players must pull in the unique limited-time banner utilizing red nucleus. This guide will go through Lyra’s weapon sets, matrices, and improvements in Tower of Fantasy.

Lyra is the chairman of the Maidelin Establishment; she is crisp, mature, and goes undetected, in this manner a couple of individuals know about her reality. She is unconcerned about little concerns, but if things become serious, she will step in.

Tower of Fantasy Lyra Guide 2023

Tower of Fantasy Lyra Guide: Stats & Effects 

  • Grievous: When assaulting an opponent with fully charged weapons, you will deal 137% of your ATK damage to the opponent. Opponents who are affected take 20% greater damage.
  • Resonance: When two or more physical weapons are equipped in the same squad, physical ATK increases by 20% and physical RES increases by 40%.

Tower of Fantasy Lyra Guide: Best Matrices

This guide will go through the greatest Matrices designed for Lyra in Tower of Fantasy, as well as all of their duties.

  • Lyra (x4): A very potent damage enhancing set effect that enhances survivability and is designed primarily for fast-hitting physical weapons. Lyra’s 2-piece matrix set, on the other hand, is excellent.
  • Samir (x2), Crow (x2): Vespers’ fast assaults, alongside Crow’s High harm network set when you have a high crit rate, can without much of a stretch support the harm reward.
  • Sobek: If you don’t have SSR damage chips, Sobek is an excellent replacement. Very effective against crowds in groups.

Tower of Fantasy Lyra Guide: Awakening Traits

  • 1200 points: increases all team members’ HP by 12.5%. (works when blessing resonances is active)
  • 4000 points: Increment the HP of all colleagues by 12.5% while Gift Reverberation is dynamic; doesn’t stack. Increment your own HP by another 12.5%. Give 12 seconds of Hyperbody to all partners in the event that you effectively discharge an expertise while having Hyperbody or your wellbeing is over half.

Tower of Fantasy Lyra Guide 2023

Tower of Fantasy Lyra Guide: Gifts Points 

When given to a simulacrum, it gains more awakening points:

  • Albis, School Idol: 60 points
  • 60 points for the ultimate warrior otter
  • 30 points for Mirroria Toy Bricks
  • 30 points for the Moonflower Ornament
  • 30 points for the rabbit throw cushion

Tower of Fantasy Lyra Guide: Best Team Ups

So far, here are some of the finest Lyra team compositions:

Optical Damage Squad: This is the team with the highest damage output so far. Lyra’s healing, along with Lin’s passive and Claudia’s debuff on foes, will ensure that every enemy is eliminated on sight. The sole disadvantage of this squad is that all of its SSR characters are only accessible in limited-time event banners.

Tower of Fantasy Lyra F2P Team: One of the more cheap Lyra team combinations. This squad is mostly focused on off-field damage and bolstering on-field players. This is undoubtedly one of the most economical teams because both Crow and Shiro have been playable since the worldwide release and can be purchased from the shop with tokens.

Heal and Support Team: The focus of this team is on healing and keeping the active character alive. Combining Lyra’s Benediction with Nemesis’ healing skills and Zero’s formidable shields will result in the ultimate undead formula.

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