Battlefield 2042 Something Went Wrong – Fix Now

Battlefield 2042 Something Went Wrong: The most anticipated game of 2021, Battlefield 2042, was met with quite high expectations. Some gamers who had access to the game’s beta said that Battlefield 2042 Beta was not functioning and was stuck at an endless loading screen.

Some players, however, claimed that after starting the game, a popup stating “Connecting to online services” appears and the game then enters an endless loading screen.

These kinds of problems are extremely typical in beta versions of the games, which are intended to be tested. But if you’re having trouble with the Battlefield 2042 beta, then this post is for you.

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Battlefield 2042 Something Went Wrong

How to Fix battlefield 2042 proximity sensor:

The proximity sensor’s default behaviour is that of a grenade. When you hurl it upward or downward, it lands and displays adversaries nearby on the minimap for all of your teammates to see. You gain points for each enemy killed that your sensor detects Battlefield 2042 Something Went Wrong.

What if, though, you could simply disregard its intelligence-gathering capabilities and treat it like any other physical object? This Reddit user, xFinman, is achieving just that by using the proximity sensor as a point of contact. They swiftly ascend a respectable height by grabbing onto it after throwing it into the air.

Essentially, you can do this anywhere, unlike grappling onto a higher ledge. If you can make that shot, it will undoubtedly be valuable. We’re just relieved that this grappling hook use is more on the artistic side than the glitchy side.

How to Fix battlefield 2042 wv-109156-2:

When playing Battlefield 2042 on PS4 and PS5, do you see the “WV-109156-2” error? If so, you are not by yourself. “Something went wrong” is followed by “WV-109156-2” in the entire error message. The “OK” button is the only way for players to leave the game. Users of EA games on either the Playstation 4 or Playstation 5 encounter the aforementioned problem.

Linking your accounts with Origin, EA’s digital distribution platform, can help guarantee a flawless gaming experience. Some gamers have reported success in resolving WV-109156-2 by linking their Origin account to their PSN ID.

If you still have issues after connecting your Origin account to your PlayStation Network profile, try the additional troubleshooting steps listed above, such as checking your internet connection, the game’s server status, and making sure you are logged into your PSN account.

Ssl on the PS4 is not compatible with Battlefield 2042:

Some PS4 users encounter the “Cannot Communicate Using SSL” notice while attempting to use a firewall to access the Store or particular online game features. Most frequently, impacted consumers report that they only experience this issue while using a SonicWall model or another brand with a product that performs similarly.

It turns out that the local network issue that prohibits your console from connecting to PSN may be the cause of this issue. By resetting the console, you can fix the problem.

The problem can only be fixed if Consistent NAT is enabled in your SonicWall settings if you’re using a Sonic Firewall device. In some cases, you’ll need to disable SSL Control or configure the relevant policy violation so that it logs the event rather than denying the connection.

Check to see if UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) is enabled if there isn’t a specific firewall device involved. If it isn’t, you’ll need to allow it in your router’s settings in order to make sure that your gaming console can access all pertinent ports.

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