Tower of Fantasy Abnormal Parameter in Request 3101

Tower of Fantasy Abnormal Parameter in Request 3101: If you’re trying to launch your Tower of Fantasy adventure, you’re probably encountering one of the various login troubles, such as the “account verification parameter error,” when doing so. What gives, then. Why is this taking place? Here. We have a fix and a reason why this is happening.

As of the time of writing, it appears like there are too many requests and new player account registrations for the servers to handle. If you’ve gotten this far into the game after it just launched, it’s probably not your fault. Through the game’s website or even on the login screen, you have already created and validated an account.

So please be patient; Hotta Studio and Level Infinite are aware of the problems. You could have also noticed a popup message in the game with the heading “Emergency Bugfix Notice.” This notification informs users that there are disconnecting issues and that a statement will be made “as soon as they [the issues] are fixed.”

Tower of Fantasy Abnormal Parameter in Request 3101
Tower of Fantasy Abnormal Parameter in Request 3101

Request 3101 Tower Of Fantasy:

They continue by stating that they will reward players who were impacted by this by sending an unspecified quantity of items to their mailboxes. Following the resolution of any current server troubles. These compensation items will be sent to our mailboxes in a timely manner of two hours.

If you were able to log in and view all of the active servers in the game. You will notice that each one has a red dot next to its name. This means that there is now a line on every server. And it will take some time for you to get in. With some reports indicating wait times of more than 24 hours. Queue times also appear to be a little excessive right now.

Checking your login information and making sure everything is in order on your end is what you can do in the interim. You can then just alter your Wanderer any way you want. The time invested should, ideally. It enable you to finally jump in and start adventuring given how much you can do with your character.

One of the most popular mobile and PC MMORPGs is Tower of Fantasy, which attracts a large player base to its open-world setting. This implies that you’re likely to encounter many people on your server as well as a few potential faults. This includes the dreaded “account verification parameter error,” which has prevented players from accessing servers. In Tower of Fantasy, “account verification parameter error” refers to a problem that needs to be fixed.

Tower of Fantasy Abnormal Parameter:

Despite being referred to as the “account verification error,” the issue is unrelated to your account. Instead, the error indicates that there is a problem with the servers’ ability to handle a large number of active players. This is a fairly typical problem with most new online-based games, so don’t anticipate it to damage your playtime in the long term as Tower of Fantasy just recently started.

Even so, you shouldn’t let this stop you from playing the game right now because there are a few workarounds. The application or PC client can be easily fixed by simply shutting it and opening it again.

It is also worthwhile to think about trying another server if you are still seeing the message after that. The number of players on each server is indicated by a colour next to it, as illustrated below. It’s less probable that you’ll encounter the notice if a green circle appears next to a server because “smooth” servers are known to be nearby. Servers highlighted with a red circle have surpassed their capacity, while those with a yellow circle are nearly full.

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