Where to find Destiny 2 Yellow Drone Locations

Where to find Destiny 2 Yellow Drone Locations: Destiny 2 is a thrilling game, but it can be quite difficult to find the elusive yellow drones. In this Article, I will look at where to find Destiny 2 yellow drone locations.

Where to find Destiny 2 Yellow Drone Locations

That since start of Season of both the Seraph, players of Destiny 2 baffle by the enigmatic yellow Drones. Although these mysterious yellow balls were impervious to all harm. The Version Zero Exotic laser weapon gave enthusiasts an explanation for the gadgets’ function—but. It also left far more questions unanswer. Than what it solve.

The Season displays 50 drones diapers around Europa, the Moon, both three Heist Battlegrounds maps, as well as the Seraph Station in Procedure: Seraph’s Shield. Even though they are immune to normal harm, firing any of the yellow balls with Version Zero causes them to explode and drop one or more Seraphic Presents the following Energy. Players receive a victory and a sparrow for shooting all 50 of the yellow drones. In Operation: Seraph’s Shield, where you finally defeat Haroktha, Horror of the Helium People who drink (the Hive boss). Shattering all 50 flying yellow balls also unlocks a mystery secret entrance.

Where to find Destiny 2 Yellow Drone Locations:

Destiny 2 in Europa :

  • Beyond, perched atop a support of the Ziggurat in Europe.
  • On a cave system on the opposite side of the region is Asterion Abyss. This yellow orb may be found next to a region treasure and the entrance to the Eventide Ruins.
  • In the Hidden Void Lost Sector, close to a Vex building, on an icy ledge. A Goblin may occasionally be right near the flying yellow ball, which could help pinpoint its location.
  • After the region with the first Deep Shank, it is called Concealed Void (Asterion Hell Lost Sector). As soon as the barrier is removed, proceed along the walkway and keep an eye out to your right for a yellow ball as you walk just on catwalk over the Vex Milk before you have to jump from to platform.

Where to find Destiny 2 Yellow Drone Locations

  • In the Perdition Lost Sector, Cadmus Ridge is located atop an icicle near a huge Vex building. Depending on your visual settings, you can see this one as you enter Cadmus Ridge from Charon’s Crossing. Just keep an eye out for a yellow ball that’s hovering above an ice.
  • Cadmus Ridge is located to a left of Bray Exoscience’s entrance. Below a local chest is this security drone.
  • In the boss room, to the right of the chest, is Eternal damnation (Cadmus Ridge Lost Sector). Because of how noticeable it is, this was among the first yellow ball players found.
  • In the section with the power cages before the monster, in Bunker E15 (Eventide Ruins Hidden Sector), there is a secret room. To access the hidden area where this yellow ball is located, look for a door on the opposite side of the entrance, just past the one of the power cages.
  • When you jump thru the decrepit building, on a catwalk to the left of Bunker E15 Hidden Sector, are Eventide Ruins. You can see this yellow ball from the opposite side of the room if you arrive from the side door that is further away from of the Eventide landing zone.
  • Near the Deep Stones Crypt raid entrance are the Eventide Ruins. The Security Drone can be found next to a locked hatch once you locate the 2 Captains that spawn.

Destiny 2 in Moon :

  • Anchor of Light, located atop the structure in the area’s westernmost section. After leaving Anchor of Light’s gate and passing a Toland patrol, turn right   Get all the way up the mountain. Also present here is a Moon Rabbit.
  • Just outside the door to Traitor’s Ketch is Anchor of Light. Load up, then turn right as soon as you are able to locate the drone.
  • Near a wrecked Hive Tombship is the Hellmouth. Depending on your game’s preferences, you can see this one just about as when you enter to Hellmouth via Archer’s Line.
  • At the entrance to a K1 Crew Cabin Lost Sector, a searchlight with The Hellmouth atop it.
  • When trying to reach the boss of the Hellmouth Lost Sector, you must jump over a gap, which is right after the K1 Crew Quarters.
  • The Scarlet Keep’s ramp is close to Sorrow’s Harbor. Upon finding the slope leading to a Scarlet Keep, turn to your right and search the horizon for a gliding yellow ball.
  • In front of the Scarlet Keep, at Sorrow’s Harbor. You can locate this security drone floating around if you enter the area and look to the far end of the space.
  • Just on left side of the cliff where a Shrieker spawns, is K1 Revelation (Sorrow’s Harbor Lost Sector). Before entering the Lost Sector section with the crystals, search the area for a yellow ball.
  • To a right of the entrance, you can see Archer’s Line perched atop the enormous structure that resembles a walkway. A yellow ball can be found on the platform’s opposite side by climbing the structure and then following it all the way to the finish.
  • Above a small structure on the right hand side of the monster arena lies K1 Logistics (Archer’s Line Lost Sector). Merely look for just a yellow ball that’s floating atop a tiny house. The freebie Moon emblem is also available online.

Where to find Destiny 2 Yellow Drone Locations

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