Jager 619 Rocket League, Know All About It!

All of you want to know about the Jager 619 Rocket League. As part of the second Trade Up update, a Jager 619 Rocket League been made available in September 2017. The first Player’s Choice box included it after it debuted in the Accelerator crate.

In this post you may learn more about the price of Jager 619 Rocket League.  How to purchase one for the lowest price, cool designs for this car. The Jager 619 hitbox, as well as other topics on the this page of Official Panda.

Jager 619 Rocket League

What Are The Advantages Of Rocket League Jager 619 Vehicle?

There were a few advantages and drawbacks that were apparent after using this car for a period. Let’s begin by talking about dribbling. In comparison to other vehicles with higher height, dribbling with ball on top of the car allowed for a lot more control.

However the players were little let down with its films. The flicks appeared to be more slower and higher again, only when compared to comparable automobiles. This is useful for defensive flick situations, but not for offensive ones.

Being primarily an Octane player, the shot power needed some adjusting. When the power slide straight into ball rather than diagonally into it, the Jager clearly gains more power. When it came to turning radius, aerials, air dribbles, etc., this car felt fairly well-handled generally.

Hitbox Of Jager 619 Rocket League :-

Similar to the Endo Rocket League car, the Jager 619 has a hitbox. One of the more popular cars in the hybrid category, it is categorised as a hybrid vehicle. These are the Rocket League Jager 619 measurements:

  • Height- 34.16
  • Width- 82.19
  • Length- 127.01

Paint Price Of Jager 619 Rocket League :-

All paints are offered for Jager 619 Rocket League vehicle. Prices are updated manually as frequently as feasible and are valued in credits. Also if you bought a black Jager 619 around April to May 2018, sold it in 2022, and received nearly 70 times your credits, that’s how much money you’d have.

These are the costs for the standard Rocket League Jager 619 across all platforms. Below are prices that have been painted. We manually update all pricing, which are express in credits, as frequently as we can.

  • PC: 60-80
  • XBOX: 80-100
  • PSN: 60-80
  • Switch: 100-150


What Are The Items Use In Different Jager 619 Rocket League Design?

This vehicle has an outstanding body in car designs because it resembles a rapid, sporty car. Here are 4 awesome Rocket League Jager 619 automobile designs for you to get ideas from.

Items Used In Default Jager 619 Design:

  • Body- Jager 619.
  • Decal- None.
  • Paint Finish- Pearlescent.
  • Pink Astro-CSX wheels
  • Primary color- Orange
  • Secondary color- Purple

Items Used In Titanium White Jager 619 Design:

  • Body- Titanium white Jager 619
  • Purple Interstellar decal
  • Sky blue Pyrrhos wheels
  • Primary color- Lighter blue
  • Secondary color- Light green


Crimson Jager 619 Design:

  • Body- Crimson Jager 619
  • Crimson Hex Tide decal
  • Crimson Chakram wheels
  • Primary color- Dark pink
  • Secondary color- Black


 Items Used In Black Jager 619 Design:

  • Body- Black Jager 619
  • Decal- Jager 619: Circuit Pro
  • Wheels- Black Tunica
  • Primary color- Green
  • Secondary color- Black

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