Daughters Challenge Destiny 2

Daughters Challenge Destiny 2: For the Brand Stealer benefit to be activated and the Brand to be taken from one of the two sisters, players must stand on certain plates during the Daughters encounter.

This disables one of the Daughters of Oryx’s shields. Making her vulnerable to the fireteam. But they need to take it a step farther if they want additional riches for the Under Construction challenge. Here’s how to complete it.

The guardians must first deal with Oryx’s daughters. Ir Halak and Ir Anûk, before defeating him directly. The two are Deathsingers, and their name is not a misnomer. In the Daughters confrontation. Your objective is to eliminate Ir Halak and Ir Anûk before they can complete singing because they have the power to destroy the mind, body, and soul of anybody who hears their Deathsong.

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Daughters Challenge Destiny 2

What it takes to finish Under Construction (Daughters challenge):

One of King’s Fall’s simpler challenges, Under Construction. Makes it difficult to determine exactly what will fail. You will receive extra treasure for completing the encounter flawlessly and without losing any platforms. But that doesn’t exactly help you focus on what you can’t do to get some extra stuff.

According to testing done by a Reddit user. Players for this challenge appear to be unable to activate the same plate twice during each construction phase. Players who are constructing the road to the Brand Stealer boost must therefore keep track of the platforms they have already crossed. For instance, until the new runner receives the Torn Between Dimensions debuff, the person who stepped on the front left or back right platform cannot step there again Daughters Challenge Destiny 2.

Oryx spawns:

Having players assign to different locations is helpful. Three guardians, for instance, could take care of the front plates while another three could handle the back (which works regardless of where you stand on the debate about whether Oryx spawns in the front or in the back of the room). Players from the opposing team should assist and intervene if necessary.

Players must tread on six separate platforms to initiate the damage phase (building the pathways three times). Players should keep track of where they have or have not stood because there may be some repetition between runner stages. Additionally, this means that all players need to be knowledgeable with the callouts and the platform-building techniques.

Daughters and melt them with their weapons:

Players should have enough time left on the clock to complete the actions necessary to steal the Brand from the Daughters and melt them with their weapons, even though the Daughters encounter is relatively time-constrained. In the standard King’s Fall raid, you can easily achieve a two-phase on this fight (one phase per Daughter), but you might have a little more trouble with it in the Master raid.


A second chest with additional encounter treasure will drop when you finish the task (or, in the case of the Master version, gifting you with an Adept weapon). Additionally, it will be the last test before Oryx.

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