Destiny 2 security drone locations-Complete Details

 Destiny 2 security drone locations:

The Operation: Seraph’s Shield secret task and Revision Zero, a new Exotic weapon, are part of Destiny 2’s 19th season, “Season of the Seraph.” There is a tonne of hidden objects in the mission itself, including 50 yellow Security Drones that have been placed all over it and the surroundings.

We’ll go over where to find each of the 50 Security Drones in Destiny 2, how to take them out, and how to get the Drone Destruction Triumphs in this article.
Security Drones are rather simple to destroy. The Revision Zero pulse rifle is required. Once you possess Revision Zero, you can use it to instantly eliminate drones. Keep in mind that drones are not susceptible to any harm from sources other than the Revision Zero pulse weapon Destiny 2 security drone locations.

The Drone Destruction I Triumph may be obtained by destroying every one of the 10 Security Drones on Europa.
Turn around after spawning in the Beyond transmat zone. Move in the direction of the Ziggurat. It is atop the drone.

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Destiny 2 security drone locations

Destiny 2 Drone Locations:

To Asterion Abyss, travel. There is a little cave near the large open space at the top of the region. That cave is where the drone is.


displaying the third security drone’s location on a map.

The Vex structure in the Asterion Abyss has the third drone stashed away in the upper left corner.

Go to the Asterion Abyss’ Concealed Void Lost Sector. Reach the sizable, open space with the Vex Milk on the ground. The enormous structure in the centre of the room is where the orb is concealed.

Charon’s Crossing is the direction to Cadmus Ridge. The drone is in the mountains straight in front of you.

Go to the Bray Exoscience entrance in Cadmus Ridge. The sixth drone is tuckaway just to the left of the entryway.

security drone locations:

Go to Lost Sector Bunker E15. There is a small room on the left side of the vast open space with numerous sets of Braytech Frames where you can obtain Drone 7.

Outside the Bunker, E15 Lost Sector’s entrance is Drone 8. To the left of the entryway, jump up onto the platform. That platform is where the drone is.

Approach the entrance to the Deep Stone Crypt raid from the upper right corner of the Eventide Ruins. Directly across from the entryway, on the left, is the drone.

Go to Cadmus Ridge’s Perdition Lost Sector. Right next to the last chest in Lost Sector is Drone 10.

In order to complete the “Europa Battleground” task, these six Security Drones must be located. Launching the mission through the Europa director as opposed to the playlist under the HELM is the simplest approach to obtain them. The Drone Destruction II Triumph can be obtained by destroying all six Security Drones.

Destiny 2 security:

Arrive at the Bray Exoscience entrance and turn around. In front of you, on the cliff, is where the orb is.

Once you are in the sizable space with the Hive Cryptolith, look to your top left to find the drone hiding in a corner.

Once the room containing the Hive Cryptolith has been clear, proceed down the corridor until you reach the corner where you must turn left. Instead, make a right and you’ll find the drone concealed by some boxes.

The following drone is hidden beneath the catwalk on the left and is located in the same chamber as the barrier champion and the train on the right-hand side.

After the big drop-down, go to the Annihilator Totem. To the left of the totem, the drone is hanging off a ledge.

The last drone is located to the right of the giant Clovis head, concealed behind some boxes, in the “Europa Battlegrounds” mission’s room.

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