how to complete Slaying all the Way event in call of duty

With the commencement of the year’s final season, Call of Duty Mobile will launch. There will be a variety of space-themed operators, weaponry, and content in Season 11: Ultimate Frontier. Additionally, there will be a new Crossroads map, a new Ground War 2.0 mode, and holiday-themed extras like a Snoop Dogg skin. Slaying all the Way is a special event that is only available during the holiday season. It is a time-limited event that challenges players to complete as many kills as possible within the event’s time limit. The event is similar to a killstreak, but with a few key differences. First, players can only use their weapons to kill other players – no explosives or traps are allowed. Second, players can only kill other players who are also participating in the event. Finally, the event takes place on a special holiday-themed map that is only available during the event. In order to complete the Slaying all the Way event in Call of Duty, players will need to kill a total of 1,000 enemies using only submachine guns. This can be done in any multiplayer mode and does not need to be done in a specific match. Players will need to use submachine guns exclusively throughout the event, as using any other weapon type will not contribute towards the kill count. The event will last for a total of two weeks, and players will be able to track their progress via the in-game challenges menu. After successfully completing the event, players will be rewarded with a unique calling card and emblem. The best way to complete the Slaying all the Way event is to work as a team. Coordinate with your teammates and focus on taking down enemy players one at a time. Be sure to use your weapons wisely – some weapons are better suited for long-range combat while others are better for close-quarters combat. Pay attention to your surroundings and take advantage of cover whenever possible. If you’re struggling to complete the event, don’t worry – there are several ways to get help from your fellow players. You can check out online forums for tips and advice, or you can ask a friend who is also playing the event for help. Whatever you do, make sure you have fun and enjoy the holiday season! There are a few steps to complete the Slaying all the Way event in Call of Duty. First, make sure to have the event active in the game. Next, complete any of the available contracts for the event. Finally, kill any of the zombies that are left in the area to complete the event.

The battle pass for Season 11 will contain 50 levels of rewards, ranging from new weaponry like the EM2 and Gilded Hammer to operators like Sliver – Comet Seeker and Synaptic. Weapon blueprints, COD Points, and other things are also present. The Crossroads Strike Map from Season 10 will be expanded upon in the new Crossroads map. There will be a lot of snow on the new map, along with lots of space for players to hide. The regulations for Ground War 2.0 will be the same as before. The War Beast Tank will be available for use by players, and the battle will now be taking place on a huge Crossroads map.Players who finish the limited-time event Slaying all the Way will be eligible for prizes like a weapon blueprint and an epic operator skin. Those who weren’t able to finish the Day of Reckoning battle pass can now buy earlier battle pass DLC to unlock things they might have missed. Last but not least, Snoop Dogg will make a comeback in Call of Duty Mobile as the Santa Snoop skin. Along with the RUS-79U – Holiday Lights weapon, players can also obtain his skin.

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