How to get Cowboy Hat Destiny 2

The new Season 19 of Cowboy Hat Destiny 2 dungeon has a set of Wild West-themed Tex Mechanica armor and weaponry, although the most iconic elements of these armor sets are rarely dropped.

Spire of the Watcher in Destiny 2 sends players on a frolic through an old Warmind complex in an attempt to prevent the armies of the Witness from gaining control of it. The whole undertaking is upheld by Tex Mechanica, one of the Destiny universe’s deadly implements producers, whose cowboy-themed armor is one of the prison’s most pursued drops.

How to get Cowboy Hat Destiny 2

How to get cowboy hat destiny 2

Despite the fact that Destiny 2 Season 19 offers a variety of well-designed armor, cowboy hats have enchanted the community, only to leave many players frustrated by how difficult it is to drop them. Cowboy hat caps, as per separate and fire’s clarification, are around 20-25% as prone to drop as the remainder of the armor parts. More awful, the Trackers’ protective layer set has its own rancher cap, which is associated with the Class Thing drop, the cape. Since Class Things have no details connected to them, they are naturally 66-75% as prone to drop as other, more successful armor pieces, which adds to the all around slim chances of gaining cowboy hats in Tower of the Watcher.

As far as reasonableness, the Trackers’ hat is two times as intriguing as the new Outlandish bow. No matter what the difficulty of developing the cattle rustler protective layer totally, gamers enthused about the Pinnacle of the Watcher’s Wild West elegant are having a field day in Season 19. The Tex Mechanica armor isn’t just flawlessly created, yet it likewise consolidates impeccably with Destiny 2’s re-delivered Rose hand cannon, allowing anyone to take on the appearance of a space cowboy on the off chance that they so care about.

How to unlock the cowboy armor set in Destiny 2

The cowboy armor set can only be obtained by entering the Spire of the Watcher dungeon, which needs The Witch Queen’s dungeon key pack. The Dungeon key is 2,000 Silver ($20) and grants entry to the Duality dungeon from Season of the Haunted as well as the Spire of the Watcher dungeon from Season of the Seraph. The prison key is additionally remembered for the Select release of The Witch Sovereign.

How to get Cowboy Hat Destiny 2

The cowboy armor may be obtained from any of the dungeon’s encounters, albeit each of the three encounters has its unique drop pool. This means you’ll probably need a couple complete runs of Spire of the Watcher to get the entire armor set, and potentially more to get it on your other characters.

Regardless of the Legendary armor piece you’re wearing, you may transmog it to wear the cowboy look after you’ve gotten it. If you want a cowboy hat for your hunter, for example, you’ll have to go for the cloak rather than the helmet. This means you can wear a cowboy hat regardless of what armor or Exotic you’re wearing, to the delight of Wormhusk users.

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