How to Fix Friend Request Glitch in Fortnite

Fix Friend Request Glitch in Fortnite: Fans are eager to watch Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 develop over thenext several days because it has been a roller coaster journey (no pun intended). The friend request bug is one of the sad problems that have surfaced despite the fact that the most recent update does many things correctly.

Several friends request approval pop-ups appear on the main menu while logging into the game. Which is an odd friend request bug that some Fortnite users have reported seeing. We put this to the test and had the same experience on a PS5 however. We’re not sure if this is a bug exclusive to that platform or not.

How to Fix Friend Request Glitch in Fortnite
How to Fix Friend Request Glitch in Fortnite

We’ve come up with a workaround to temporarily remedy this aggravating Fortnite malfunction. Even though Epic Games hasn’t yet formally acknowledged the problem and released a fix. Please don’t worry if you are one of those who is having trouble with this. The steps in our tutorial for resolving the Fortnite friend request bug are provided in the article.

Fix Friend Request Glitch in Fortnite

Open the menu after starting the game and select Settings. Hover your cursor over the Account and Privacy section moving forward. Go to the Show Social Notifications option in this section and deselect it. You can use this to turn off all social alerts. Including invitations to events and friend requests.

As previously said. This is only a temporary remedy for the annoying friend request bug. You should anticipate a hotfix or patch from Epic Games to address the aforementioned malfunction and other ongoing Chapter 3 Season 3 problems as the company recently switched the weekly resets from Tuesdays to Thursdays.

Fortunately. The Fortnite friend request issue isn’t a game-breaker, so you can keep working on all the brand-new weekly objectives and exploring the pink and purple Fortnite island party frenzy without having to worry about IO.

Many players have already started playing Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 and have taken advantage of some of the fresh features and gameplay elements that have been added to the renowned battle royale island. The tiny glitch that some Fortnite players are experiencing, meanwhile, has nothing to do with the game’s gameplay itself and instead has to do with the main menu screen.

Friend Request Glitch:

In Fortnite, when a player accepts a friend request, the player who issued the request often sees a notification indicating that the request has been accepted on the main menu screen where players squad up. Fortnite players are currently experiencing a situation where they are suddenly receiving a large number of friend request notifications that weren’t ever sent out in the first place. Additionally, some people may find these notifications bothersome because they occupy a portion of the screen and produce a pinging noise. Here’s a temporary cure for it.

Using this hack won’t address the friend request bug, but it will completely stop the notifications from showing up on the main menu as long as a particular setting in the settings is toggled off. Players of Fortnite can follow these instructions to get rid of friend request notifications:

Steps to Friend Request Glitch in Fortnite:

  • On the party up screen, select the menu
  • Navigate to the Account and Privacy section of the Settings tab.
  • Find the “Show Social Notifications” setting by scrolling down the list.
  • Turn off the setting if it is currently on.
  • For the modifications to take effect, quit the Fortnite application and launch it once more.
  • When players restart the game after turning the setting back on, notifications will continue to be received.

There will undoubtedly be problems like this that Epic Games will address shortly, given that a brand-new season has just begun. Players should anticipate issues like this from time to time since there is a lot that goes into deploying new features in a live-service game like Fortnite.

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